Bristol, UK. Bright Light Craft Sighting Report

Bristol, UK. Bright Light Craft Sighting Report We have only recently received this ‘Incredible’ sighting report from Bristol UK.  I have spoken to the Gentleman who reported this intriguing object in the sky and he explained that he recorded the … Read More

South Oxhey Watford Hertfordshire. Red Orb Sighting Report

  U.I.P Sighting Report 11.3.15 Yet another extremely interesting sighting, this time in the Watford UK part of the world.  The witness to this event briefly describes seeing like a ‘controlled’ circular red Orb looking object up high in the … Read More

Huge UFO ‘Cross’ Sighting. Kent, England.

U.I.P Sighting Report How about this for an incredible sighting in Kent, England.  A huge Cross looking UFO appeared in the sky, at least ‘4 times’ the size of a passenger plane going by! Could it be that some of … Read More

Kalbar Queensland Australia, UFO Sighting Report (with Photo)

U.I.P Sighting Report Yet another incredible sighting Report, this time from Australia! What makes this particular sighting even more intriguing is the fact that it comes with an incredible photo….definitely NOT a weather Balloon! Date of Sighting: 10/3/2015 12:17pm Location of … Read More

Gloucestershire Red Orb Sighting 8.3.15

Yet another great sighting from a part of the UK which is not too far from me! These multi-coloured Orbs are being seen all over the world ‘daily’. Personally I feel that these Orbs are Alien technology, using the unusual … Read More

Lurgan, Northern Ireland, SECOND UFO sighting. 1965

U.I.P Sighting Report Yet ‘another’ fantastic sighting by our Follower from Northern Ireland. Please have a read through this and let us know if you have ever seen anything similar to this before? Date of Sighting: 1965 Location of Sighting: … Read More

Lurgan park Northern Ireland, UFO Sighting. 1961

Yet another Intriguing sighting reported to our website, this time from my personal homeland , Northern Ireland! With all reported sightings, we are compiling together in order to start investigating.  Like we keep saying, unlike MUFON we WILL get back … Read More

Drogheda, Ireland UFO Sighting

  U.I.P Reported Sighting Yet another intriguing sighting this time from Drogheda Ireland, where an Ex British Forces chap caught something ‘unusual’ on his camera! Please report your sighting reports with us too! Date of Sighting: 5th August 2006 Location … Read More

UFO sighting Burlington, Ontario, Canada

U.I.P Sighting Report Yet another intriguing sighting from Canada! Please share your experiences too so that we here at U.I.P cant start investigating ASAP for you! Location of Sighting: Burlington, Ontario, Canada Brief Description: There was a black out (ONLY … Read More

Huge Dark cloaked figure with an Orb caught on camera!

U.I.P About two months ago I was sent a video from a follower, asking to check out a video capture of a strange pale Blue Orb moving around next to some trees (still trying to find the video will add … Read More