Bray park. Brisbane Australia UFO Sighting

Date of Sighting: 8/1/15 Location of Sighting: Bray park. Brisbane. Queensland. Australia. Brief Description: Bright orb at high altitude. Multiple direction changes. Full Description: approximately 9 pm at night on the 8/1/15. My partner and myself where sitting at the … Read More

Upper Saddle River, NJ…ALIEN Encounter!

Date of Sighting: Late October/Early November, 1983 Full Description: My encounter with an alien occurred in the fall of 1983, late October or early November. I was 16 at the time. It was a clear night, chilly, mid 50s, no … Read More

Alien Drone UFO Spotted In Multiple 1969 Apollo 12 NASA Photos

A UFO hunter says he has spotted a UFO hovering in the background of more than 30 different photos from the November 1969 NASA Apollo 12 mission. He believes that the find is remarkable and significant because the same UFO … Read More