U.I.P’s Top 10 Obscure Alien Abductions

We have all heard about famous abductions like Travis Walton, Betty and Barney Hill, etc. But what about the ones that have not been widely publicised?  Here are our top ten “not so well-known” alien abductions: The Linda Courtile Case … Read More

The US’s Secret Plan To Fake An Alien Invasion -Project Blue Beam Has Become Very REAL

Most of us are aware of Project Blue Beam and the purpose behind it! Faking a world wide false flag event using sophisticated hologram technology , to trick people into believing some kind of attack on humanity by Aliens/Lucifer – … Read More

Huge Cloaked UFO’s Being Witnessed In The US And All Over The Planet!

This incredible/bizarre footage was posted online recently and appears to show a massive illuminated disc move over from cloud cover – these bizarre sightings of what appears to be ‘cloaked crafts; are being spotted all over the planet, primarily the … Read More

U.I.P’s FB Manager Witnesses Large ‘RED ORB’ Near The Moon – Sighting Report

  U.I.P’s Facebook Manager has recently caught something rather incredible on his powerful telescope and the good news is that he managed to talk a photo of it to show the world. There are many strange sightings being seen in … Read More

Black UFO Captured Lurking Above Mars, Leaked Image Courtesy Of Nasa

  Photos beamed back from the Martian surface by NASA usually show a barren landscape devoid of any life, but one image reveals something totally unexpected – an dark black orb hanging in the air, this is Mars and nothing … Read More

UFO/Orb Caught On Camera In Iran’s Skies – U.I.P Sighting Report

UFO/Orb Caught On Camera In Iran’s Skies – U.I.P Sighting Report   U.I.P is receiving MANY sighting reports nowadays from people around the world and occasionally we get a report with some incredible images captured on camera, just like this … Read More

UIP’s Top 10 Vintage UFOs

U.I.P’s Top 10 Vintage UFOs   Many of us ufologists scour the skies with camera in hand waiting for that great shot. Even in the past some people got very lucky by inadvertently capturing a UFO, and cameras were not … Read More

The STILL ‘Un-Debunked’, Amazing Unknown Transparent Craft Captured Over Vienna

The STILL ‘Un-Debunked’, Amazing Unknown Transparent Craft Captured Over Vienna     This INCREDIBLE UFO captured way up high in the clouds above Vienna back in November 2014, appears to be semi-cloaked, but you can CLEARLY see its structure and shape. This … Read More

Clintons New Promise To Disclose The Truth About The ET’s – But Is It a Lie?

Clintons New Promise To Disclose The Truth About The ET’s – But Is It a Lie?   Politicians are all pretty much the same type of creature: cunning, manipulative and always try to say the right thing.  But could it … Read More

U.I.P Creators ‘Groaning’ Death Star Cloud Formation – Sighting Report

U.I.P Creators ‘Groaning’ Death Star Cloud Formation – Sighting Report   Yet another odd ‘sighting’ in the sky by me, MWV U.I.P’s creator! It was late at night/early morning on the 26th March 2016, that I witnessed one of the most … Read More