Who’s the Biggest threat to us all? (Guess what it’s NOT the Alien)

The world is in Turmoil;  what with cowardly terrorists running around and murdering people in some of the most disgustingly cruel ways imaginable! Countries at War with thousands of Innocents dying, with outside countries encouraging a more larger scale/more DEADLY conflict! Not a … Read More

NASA Caught Cutting Live Transmission As 3 UFO’s Fly Above Earth

NASA Caught Cutting Live Transmission As 3 UFO’s Fly Above Earth     It more than appears that NASA are up to their usual trick again and cutting their live feed as soon as a UFO travels by one of … Read More

Astronomers estimate 100 billion habitable Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, 50 sextillion in the universe!

Astronomers at the University of Auckland claim that there are actually around 100 BILLION habitable, Earth-like planets in the Milky Way — significantly more than the previous estimate of around 17 billion. There are roughly 500 billion galaxies in the universe, … Read More

MUFON want the money and NOT the TRUTH…Apparently so!

So MUFON have recently confirmed in the media that they are looking to release a Database with all of the sightings in the world, to track who is seeing what where?! See UIP does not have a problem with this, … Read More

Project Blue Book: US Air Force UFO documents revealed (well kind of)

Amateur historian John Greenewald has spent nearly two decades requesting declassified information from the US government regarding UFOs. Recently, he posted more than 100,000 pages of documents on the US Air Force’s internal UFO investigations to the internet. Here are … Read More

Mystery radio waves from deep space captured LIVE, sender unknown?!

An unknown radio signal, which may have come from a black hole, colliding neutron stars or – Alien Life, has been picked up by astronomers live for the first time ever. Its origins remain mysterious! The fast radio bursts are … Read More

NASA caught deleting UFO photos from its website

  In a news alert issued recently, NASA has been caught deleting photos from its website of what is unmistakable evidence of a UFO. The UFO photos first appeared on the NASA Johnson Space Centre website in May 2011 and … Read More

The Sumerian Anunnaki and the Origin of Mankind

The Sumerian Anunnaki and the Origin of Mankind One of the most interesting theories regarding the origin of mankind was proposed by paranormal author Zecharia Sitchin and revolves around the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens”). The … Read More

Will NSA leak bring extraterrestrial disclosure??

Will NSA leak bring extraterrestrial disclosure??

The use of a faked Facebook server by the NSA to spread malware is the latest in a string of leaks from the Edward Snowden cache of NSA files that has led to senior Intelligence officials scrambling for ways to … Read More