The Solar Eclipse UFO’s And Mysterious ‘Warning’ Crop Circle

As expected, UFO sightings were dramatically on the UP during the recent Solar Eclipse.  MUFON were inundated with reportings from people who filmed, photographed, or claimed to see UFOs while watching the once in a life time spectacle across wide … Read More

Nibiru: Are you prepared?

The term Planet X was coined by the the astronomer Percival Lowell sometime around 1905 and 1908. It describes an unobserved planet that perturbs the orbit of a known planet. Perturbation is a deviation in a known planets orbit. The … Read More

Man Bundled Into Van At Area 51, After Stealing Proof Of ALIENS

The Elite will always try to convince us all that there are NO secrets hidden in the US Military base AREA 51 – But,  a couple have come forward to shockingly claim that they witnessed the creepy/worrying abduction by federal agents, of … Read More


WELCOME TO U.I.P     UFO International Project (U.I.P) has only been going for the last few years as an official UFO research project, and in that time we have gained success beyond belief, reaching out to thousands of people across the … Read More

Extra-terrestrial Life – What The ELITE Don’t Want You To Know!

Extra-terrestrial Life – What The ELITE Don’t Want You To Know!   It is now clear for many of us around the world that we are NOT alone and being visited by sophisticated Beings not of this world.  From the … Read More

Black UFO Captured Lurking Above Mars, Leaked Image Courtesy Of Nasa

  Photos beamed back from the Martian surface by NASA usually show a barren landscape devoid of any life, but one image reveals something totally unexpected – an dark black orb hanging in the air, this is Mars and nothing … Read More

UK Fighter Jets Scrambled To Intercept UFO’s Rising From The North Sea – Witnessed By MANY!

    It was recently reported in the British media that loud sonic Booms were heard over Yorkshire England, with rumours indicating that that these were British Eurofighter jets responding to UFO’s merging across the North Sea. Many panicked members … Read More

UFO/Orb Caught On Camera In Iran’s Skies – U.I.P Sighting Report

UFO/Orb Caught On Camera In Iran’s Skies – U.I.P Sighting Report   U.I.P is receiving MANY sighting reports nowadays from people around the world and occasionally we get a report with some incredible images captured on camera, just like this … Read More

US Army Chief Warns Of “hybrid armies” – Yet MORE ‘Games’ By The ELITE!

US Army Chief WARNS of “hybrid armies” – Yet MORE ‘Games’ By The ELITE!   In a recent speech at Norwich University, General Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army, told the audience, many of whom were … Read More

UIP’s Top 10 Vintage UFOs

U.I.P’s Top 10 Vintage UFOs   Many of us ufologists scour the skies with camera in hand waiting for that great shot. Even in the past some people got very lucky by inadvertently capturing a UFO, and cameras were not … Read More