Alien Contact With Humanity Over The Course Of History


Over the years, lots of people said they have proof of alien contact, so this article aims to teach you more about encounters between humans and creatures from other planets.

People were always obsessed with finding proof of alien contact, especially after some theories claimed ancient Egyptians were helped by creatures from outer space. If we take a look back in history, we will see lots of signs of alien contact, starting with the Ancient Age till today. There have been hundreds of reports about alien encounters and they gave birth to four big theories:

• Aliens want to contact us
• Extraterrestrial creatures landed on Earth by accident
• Aliens helped Egyptians, then left our planet
• Creatures from the outer space influenced the way we live

The Theory That Says Aliens Want To Contact Us

Since people were able to explore space, we all started to wonder if other creatures live in the same Universe we live. The majority of humans would like to contact extraterrestrials if they had the chance and some theories say they also want to get in touch with us, being supported by some proof of alien contact found over the years. The most important evidence was the finding of a spaceship from which scientists extracted the body of a weird creature. They made an autopsy but the results were never shown to the public.

Aliens Which Are Said To Have Landed Here By Accident
Some theories say that creatures from outer space don’t want to contact us now but they study our planet to find ways of getting in touch with humans. This is, according to some scientists, why we found some proof but we were never able to meet them. They claim aliens lost some tools and even crashed their UFOs, becoming visible to us all. One of the examples is the metallic ball found by the Betz family on their property in 1974. They claimed the ball had a mind of its own and it even defied gravity but NASA said it was just a metallic ball. This statement is similar to the one casino players make when enjoying their time in the gambling house of any country in the world. For instance, if the alien was polish and fond of casino games he would say something like “Darmowe gry hazardowe i automaty bez rejestracji najlepsze w internecine” meaning “The best free gambling and slot machines without registration on the internet.”

The Help Of Aliens In Ancient Egypt

Scientists say the first alien contact took place in Ancient Egypt, as the pyramids couldn’t be built without the help of more intelligent creatures. There are many theories related to the way aliens helped Egyptians and all of them suggest they left us after finishing their mission. Some say hieroglyphs are actually signs of alien contact and that they hide important secrets that might help us understand how they helped ancient Egyptians reach a high level of intelligence.

How Aliens Might Have Influenced The Lives Of Humans

Lots of people talk about NASA alien contact, claiming extraterrestrials already got in touch with us, even influencing our lives. Some say aliens played an important role in the development of languages, their example being similarities between different languages, such as Polish, Romanian and Italian.

Written by U.I.P’s Guest Writer: Kaya Johnson


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