Ancient Alien Technology In Our Solar System – Declares Leading Astronomer

There was a time when leading scientists and astronomers would not even dream about publicly raising the subject matter about Alien beings and life in the Universe, but now it appears to be a weekly occurrence! It almost feels like a world wide build up to disclosure is happening right now.

One top astronomer now believes we should be looking harder for signs of ancient, extinct civilisations in our own solar systems – buried ‘technosignatures’ of aliens from millions of years ago (lets not forget the many strange sightings on Mars, Venus etc).

For decades, radio telescopes have scanned the skies, hoping for a signal from intelligent aliens in another solar system – But could signs of extraterrestrial life be lurking a little closer to home?  And could it be that the Elite have known about this for a very long time?

Signs of ancient alien beings are found here on earth – so why not in other parts of our solar system?

Jason Wright told Gizmodo,

‘There is zero evidence for any prior indigenous technological civilizations. My paper asks, have we completely foreclosed the possibility, or is there a chance that there could be some evidence we overlooked?

‘If we have overlooked something and we find it in the future, what are the chances it could have come from a prior indigenous technological species versus an interstellar one?

Wright then suggests that the evidence might buried under the surfaces of moons or asteroids in our own solar system.  Hinting towards some potential upcoming space exploration in our solar system?

He then went on to say:

‘While all geological records of prior indigenous technological species might be long destroyed, if the species were spacefaring there may be technological artifacts to be found throughout the Solar System.

Destroyed or just moved on, and perhaps to return another day – or perhaps these beings have been around since the beginning of time?


Short but sweet – the drip feeding of disclosure is happening NOW and the elite are prepping us all for what is coming!  I believe that the Elite know that they cannot prevent disclosure from happening, after all it is not those guys who are truly in control.

The TRUTH is coming people.


Possibly a true story?



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