British Tory Party Are Not Sentient Beings (And Probably Why The ET’s Don’t Talk To Us)


Animals gave out a silent cry of justice the other day after the disturbingly creepy British conservative Party voted that animals do not have emotions or feel pain, which in fact concluded that reptilian beings may actually walk amongst us – Headed in the UK by the rather hideous looking old bag Theresa May!

As if the Tory Government couldn’t get anymore hated after their recent shambolic general election campaign, which ended up getting them into power alongside a former Irish terrorise outfit called the DUP, they decide to show that they in fact have zero heart or compassion towards animals by trying to remove the animal rights act which was part of an agreement with the EU. Worryingly this is one of the Tories prime targets after Brexit – let us kill innocent animals for fun or tests in laboratories?!

Irish Terror links with the DUP – The Tory party’s official partners in crime!

People may ask why, but it’s important to remember that the Tory party are made up of some of the most vilest putrid inbred scum this planet has seen!

The Tory party not so long ago showed their true colours when they tried to remove the ban on fox-hunting (and hunting with dogs – as a sport?!) but failed miserably. The Conservatives appear to have some kind of unusual sexual predatory lust in killing Animals whilst dressed like something from times been and gone! Yes whilst most of us are with our families Christmas morning unwrapping presents and spending time with loved ones, you can hear the Tory driven elite out in their masses killing things for sexual pleasure.

This is no exaggeration, in fact it’s been proven that killing animals for fun is a true sign of a psychopath – and these twisted people are in charge of the planets FIFTH most powerful country?! No wonder the aliens just watch over us, but don’t appear to want to get into conversation!

Former Tory failure PM David Cameron was a keen fox hunter – One of the real reasons the Tories want rid of the Animal Rights act.

These spineless heartless humans beings have no care for anything but their own greed and control. If they have zero compassion for human life (see Grenfell tower tragedy) what hope is their for other walks of life – very little!

The Grenfell Tower fire tragedy was primarily caused by the Elite wanting to hide the poor by using cheap/dangerous materials for cladding in the high-rise council flats which overlooked the rich. This shocking event which killed potentially over 80 people, should never have happened and even after the horrible event, the British PM had ZERO empathy towards the victims families:

No matter what a persons perspective is of animals there can be NO denying the fact that animals feel pain and have emotions, whether it’s fear, pain or happiness! It is time that once Great Britain made itself great again and makes a stand against the evil tyrants Who supposedly lead their county.


The human race need to maintain their sense of humanity otherwise we will forever be alone in the darkest depths of the universe – with zero care for life on our own planet why would anybody else want to risk engaging contact with us?

U.I.P SUMMARY: Theresa May who is just a babbling old woman who was not voted by the people and can just about string a sentence together, should not be allowed to dictate whether animals should have rights or not – after all, this comes from a woman (?) Who is not rightfully the British Prime minister and was TWICE not voted into Power by the British public.





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