Calbuco Volcano: The UFO’s, And The HUGE FIGURE In The Ash Clouds

Calbuco Volcano: The UFO’s, And The HUGE FIGURE In The Ash Clouds


The UFO’s

UFO’s have for a VERY long time been associated with worldwide natural disasters and here is yet another example of just such a theory.

This recent event In Chile, the Calbuco volcano, is erupting and it appears as though that a UFO is hanging around to check out the spectacle  front of them! Perhaps the UFO’s can use Earth’s natural energy in some way? Perhaps the energy from one of these incredible events opens up a portal into another Dimension….who knows, but there appears to be a reason for obsession with natural events here on planet earth!

Please see video below of the recent volcano eruption and the apparent UFO Visitor watching it:

Please also see below a video of what appears to be a group of Orbs travelling through the Calbuco volcano:

The Huge Dark Figure in the ash clouds


Huge Figure seen after the Volcanic explosion!

This is a column of smoke from Calbuco Chile not long after the Volcanic explosion. It has produced a strange form of pareidolia that appears to be an angel of death! This is really creep, I am sure you will agree!?

The world is in turmoil and has been for a long while, what with wars going on left right and centre and dividing the populations, governments draining this beautiful planet of all of its resources (which they are daily!) and now the Large Hadron Collider Machine is being fired up again (click HERE to read our story on this) in order to seek for the existence of other Parallel Dimension…do the scientists ‘actually’ know what they are messing with!?

Perhaps just perhaps these signs are a warning of what is to come if we carry on with our violent ‘Greedy’ ways.  Perhaps these UFO’s and this ‘apparent’ figure could be beings from another dimension watching over us….many people around the world believe that the only way to save this Blue Planet that we live on is to remove us, the Human race ~ Like we said before could it be that the Alien Beings know something that we don’t!?!?

Please see some more intriguing images below of this huge figure that was seen in the ash clouds recently in Chile…some of the witnesses to this incredible spectacle said that it looked like the head was moving from side to side.


A trick of the eyes or is this something really watching us?!

A trick of the eyes or is this something really watching us?!


U.I.P Summary

It is very clear now that our Alien friends in the sky have a incredible interest in natural disaster events here on planet earth, but why!??!

It has been suggested by some that perhaps the Aliens are trying to create these worldwide disaster events!? But to me I think that is a load of negative rubbish! If anything the ET’s are possibly like glorified sight seers, checking out the wonders of Planet Earth in all its glory! But are the ET Beings possibly using the energy from the volcano as some kind of portal/Stargate? Please check the video below of an apparent Portal opening up next to Volcano which was recorded on live CCTCV at the time.

There has also been many videos of UFO’s appearing to fly actually into the volcano the volcano itself and videos of portals opening up at the side of the volcano…..perhaps and its a big perhaps, earths inner energy creates portals for alien beings!?

Perhaps the Giant creepy looking figure seen in the ash clouds is a being from another Dimension who has crossed through to our dimension through the energy created by the Volcanic Explosion….

A famous U.I.P saying that we always like to use:

“In an Infinite Universe comes Infinite possibilities” U.I.P

Interesting times.


Beautiful yet Haunting!

Beautiful yet Haunting!

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