Clintons New Promise To Disclose The Truth About The ET’s – But Is It a Lie?

Clintons New Promise To Disclose The Truth About The ET’s – But Is It a Lie?



Politicians are all pretty much the same type of creature: cunning, manipulative and always try to say the right thing.  But could it that Hilary Clintons latest promise to reveal the truth about the Aliens, is actually one of the most exciting pieces of news about the potential upcoming Disclosure?  Well, possibly not!

What with the Presidential campaign heating up over the last few months, and Hilary Clinton preparing herself for a potential battle against Donald Trump, speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the presidential hopeful said she wanted to make as many of the files on “unexplained aerial phenomena” public as possible – but we all know that have heard this before from Hilary (please click HERE).

Hilary has confirmed that she will release government-held UFO files to the public if she is elected president.  The Democratic candidate spoke out on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as she leads the race against Bernie Sanders for the party’s nomination for November’s election.

Hilary Clinton has basically followed in her husband Bills footsteps, who back in 2014 appeared on the show and was also asked if he had ever looked into UFOs or Area 51 – which as we all know is a top secret airbase rumoured to “back engineer” alien technology!

Bill said “sort of” but added there were no dead aliens there.

Hillary has now promised the US citizens that she will dig deeper if she makes it to the White House and promise to disclose the TRUTH!

Hillary Clinton was speaking about UFOs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hillary Clinton was speaking about UFOs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This is now the first time on TV she has spoken about the issue, she told Kimmel:

“I’m going to do it again. There’s a new name for UFOs. It’s unexplained aerial phenomena. That’s the new nomenclature. I would like us to go into those files and hopefully make as much of that as public as possible.

“If there’s nothing there, let’s tell people there’s nothing there. If there is something there, unless it’s a threat to national security, I think we ought to share it with the public.” She said.

As we have mentioned in a previous post (please click HERE)  this is NOT the first time the Clintons have been linked with aliens.

It was back when Bill was president between 1993 and 1996, he was approached by the late billionaire philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller to release UFO files as part of the ‘Rockefeller initiative’.  Rockefeller who is known to be one of the most wealthiest men in the world and rumoured to be the head of the supposed Illuminati.

Hillary Clinton was also involved in the talks about Aliens and captured on camera walking alongside Laurence at his ranch, holding a book about Alien life!

Hillary Clinton and Laurence Rockefeller UFO-meeting of 21 Aug 1995

Hillary Clinton and Laurence Rockefeller UFO-meeting of 21 Aug 1995

Hilary’s campaign manager John Podesta, who is Bill Clintons former Chief of Staff, admitted he had convinced Hillary to declassify UFO files in a TV interview last month- John also recently tweeted that his only ever regret whilst working with Obama was not being able to help force Disclosure (please click HERE).

U.I.P’s friend  and America’s only registered lobbyist on ET/UFOs, Stephen Bassett, hopes the UFO issue will be raised in the upcoming Democratic debates.

John recently said to a UK newspaper:

 “The only circumstance under which a leading presidential candidate, her president husband and their common advisor would repeatedly speak to the ET issue during a campaign is when their collective brain is fully aware the ET presence is fact.” John said.

Leading Bookies have now slashed the odds of finding ET life from 1000/1 to 100/1 after this recent announcement by Hilary Clinton.

A William Hill spokesman said:

“Should Hillary utter the unthinkable words then we are facing a monster payout.”

It might be time to start placing your best people!?

Please check out the below video of the recent Hilary Clinton video:



Well folks it appears that Hilary is becoming desperate now with yet AGAIN mentioning the UFO subject matter and once AGAIN promising to tell all about any information on the UFO’s and Alien Beings.  It is important too remember though that Hilary did state that she will inform the masses about the ET’s but only if its in the best interest of mankind – and this ladies and Gentlemen will be her get out cause for telling the TRUTH about the ET’s!

This is all about the drip feeding of disclosure from the Elite people – Be careful with who you trust as this is a game to the power people!








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