Comet Lander ‘PURPOSELY’ Sat on Comet Filled With “Alien Life”?

Comet Lander ‘PURPOSELY’ Sat on Comet Filled With “Alien Life”?




Could one of the greatest discoveries ever made, ‘accidentally’ of showed up on a Spacecraft millions of miles away from earth whilst piggy backing a Comet travelling at thousands of Miles Per Hour – Potentially a Comet filled with Alien life and proving the true origins of the Human Race and all life on Earth!? It appears so YES, but is the reality of this whole situation far far deeper and could it be that the Scientists KNEW what they were looking for and this is all part of the drip feeding of Disclosure?!

The Comet lander ‘Philae’ appears to of picked up on microbial Alien life Organisms on the speeding comets surface, but guess what?  Yep there is pretty much nothing the Space Lander can do about it because the technology was ‘APPARENTLY’ shunned by Scientists before the spacecraft was heavily invested in.  The comet’s characteristics such as a black crust and icy lakes suggest life could lie beneath the surface.

The comet, named 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, appears to have an organic-rich black crust, which could possibly be due to living organisms making their way beneath its icy surface, astronauts said after studying the findings of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft and Philae lander.


Philae touchdown (Image from German Aerospace Centre).


Director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and his colleague Dr Max Wallis from the University of Cardiff have stated that ‘Comet 67P’ and MANY more like it could also be harvesting life across the Universe with its living microbes – something close to the “extremophiles” that seen in the inhospitable parts of the Earth.

Astrobiology professor Chandra Wickramasinghe

Astrobiology professor Chandra Wickramasinghe

According to professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and his colleague Dr Max Wallis, it is comets like 67P that could be responsible for bringing life to Earth and potentially other planets. Both of the leading astronomers have completed many computer simulations, which have showed that microbes could live in watery regions of the comet. And organisms with anti-freeze salts could survive at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

The comet is described as a “rubber duck,” which consist of icy “seas,” black hydrocarbon crust overlaying ice and flat-bottomed craters with lakes of re-frozen water and organic debris. Rubber Duck because of its appearance which is, well like a Rubber Duck!

Wickramasinghe interpreted the data received from the comet as proving that micro-organisms are “involved in the formation of the icy structures, the preponderance of aromatic hydrocarbons, and the very dark surface”.

“These are not easily explained in terms of prebiotic chemistry. The dark material is being constantly replenished as it is boiled off by heat from the sun. Something must be doing that at a fairly prolific rate,” Press Association quoted Wickramasinghe as saying.

Could the "Rubber duck" Comet be harvesting Alien life

Could the “Rubber duck” Comet be harvesting Alien life


The European space craft, Rosetta, which is orbiting the comet, has also picked up unknown “clusters” of organic material that could be viral particles.

“Rosetta has already shown that the comet is not to be seen as a deep-frozen inactive body, but supports geological processes and could be more hospitable to micro-life than our Arctic and Antarctic regions,” Wallis said.

But this is where the whole story gets a tad DUBIOUS. Apparently both Philae and Rosetta lack the right equipment needed to search for evidence of life!? Apparently when the two Astronomers proposed that they need to equip the mission with the right technology to detect life, this was instantly dismissed as some kind of a joke. This seems very hard to believe, considering this project at the time was a one off opportunity to land onto a  speeding comet.

 “I wanted to include a very inexpensive life-detection experiment. At the time it was thought this was a bizarre proposition,” Wickramasinghe, who was involved in the planning of the mission 15 years ago, said. 

Could it possibly be that THIS was the whole reason why they are so keen on this particular project and why they chose that specific Comet – could this be the true starting point for the Drip feeding of Disclosure to the Human Race?” It seems EXTREMELY coincidental that Alien life and the potential ‘origins of Mankind’ could be one on this very Comet?!

Wickramasinghe has also argued that people should be more open minded towards the idea of alien life, making many believe that there are those out there who already know what is out there!

“Five hundred years ago it was a struggle to have people accept that the Earth was not the centre of the universe. After that revolution our thinking has remained Earth-centred in relation to life and biology. It’s deeply ingrained in our scientific culture and it will take a lot of evidence to kick it over,” Wickramasinghe said.

This is all one fantastic yet fascinating achievement by all those involved with this project! Philae landed on the comet 67P back in November. The accomplishment was sensational, as the European Space Agency (ESA) wowed the world with Philae landing on the target and discovering carbon-based organic molecules before going into hibernation mode to preserve its remaining power.

BUT this is where is gets extra strange and could this again be all staged or could the Aliens be hinting about how we come about as a species on Earth – In the middle of June, Philae reawakened, after recharging its solar panels, and reported back. Currently it is around 176.7 million miles away from Earth, traveling at more than 73,000 mph, nobody expected to hear from Philae again until it decided to turn itself back on again……or something turned it back on!?!?

This may not be, but this all feels VERY staged and planned.

Exciting times lie ahead.




No matter what this whole project led by the European Space Agency has so far been a fantastic achievement by all those that have been involved, but it also feels like one fantastic Hollywood film being played out in front of our very eyes – could this be part of the Drip feeding of Disclosure and educating the masses about the (1) origins of life on earth and (2) we are VERY much not alone out there in the Universe?

When we heard the other day that Philae had turned itself back on we were all left scratching our heads and many were shouting “Aliens” and now look what we have “Aliens” Could the Scientists involved with this project of perhaps had some ‘guidance’ from something about what comet to land on and how to do it!? This may seem far fetched but lets get real with ourselves this is one far fetched yet amazing story and the real difference about this whole incredible story is…..We already know what is to come, BUT how will others react to such news about the origins of man and that we are very much not alone in this wonderful Universe??

Watch this ‘Space’ as things are going to get even more interesting I’m sure, but just keep an open mind people, as the impossible appears to be becoming very possible.


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