Black UFO Captured Lurking Above Mars, Leaked Image Courtesy Of Nasa



Photos beamed back from the Martian surface by NASA usually show a barren landscape devoid of any life, but one image reveals something totally unexpected – an dark black orb hanging in the air, this is Mars and nothing should be in the air!?

The photo is the latest in a series of pictures cited as evidence of alien life by many people across the world.  The footage was highlighted by ‘streetcap 1’. This video is very much the real deal and an actual capture taken by the Mars Rover robot on the red planet.


Mars Exploration Rover

In a finding on Mars that is not an instance of Pareidolia, a UFO and alien enthusiast has spotted what he claims is an unmanned orb flying on Mars as captured by NASA rover Curiosity.

The finding is one of those rare ones that instigates greater curiosity for it doesn’t point to a face or a rat or a bear or an animal in general or statues of god, but something that is flying on Mars.

The UFOLOGY  world says that the black spot, as shown in the image above, could be an unmanned flying craft – most probably an orb like the ones we see on earth today.  Chances are it could be of alien origin or even made by engineers at NASA using alien technology.

As far as speculations go, the orb could be of alien origin and it is monitoring rover’s activities. There are those who claim that it could be made by NASA and that without revealing to the world, they have flown it to Mars alongside Curiosity.

While both speculations are just that – speculations – the second one is more ridiculous for NASA has been publicly revealing its intentions of sending a helicopter or a similar flying vehicle to Mars that could help existing and future missions to scout for sites that are potentially interesting.

One thing is certainly about this find – while previous anomalies have rather been instances of Pareidolia, this one doesn’t need anyone to imagine what it could be. It’s right there in the raw image – a black dot in the sky above the NASA rover.

Quite a few views of the video have pointed out that the same anomaly isn’t present on photos takes by other camera’s onboard the rover from a different angle just a few moments, but Streetcap1 is quick to claim that the UFO may have flown past the rover or may have been out of the view of the camera and hence other cameras on the rover were not able to capture it.
Whatever it may be, UFOSightingsDaily’s believes that it is a non-alien orb created by NASA/USAF and that they are exploring Mars and recording alien artefact’s using the orb which could be alien technology. They also claim that the orb may very well have capability of lifting small objects. While this theory is clearly VERY fascinating, we would definitely urge our readers to take all of this with a pinch of salt! Scott and streetcap 1 are notorious for promoting bullshit to the world, one thing is for sure this strange Black UFO above Mars is a very real capture courtesy of our friends at Nasa.



First things first, us guys at U.I.P are always very dubious about ‘captures on Mars, however, this capture by Nasa is very real and we will be sharing with the world soon Nasa’s very own footage which promoted the knee jerk reaction by some so-called ‘ufo hunters’.

Many of us here on earth have witnessed for ourself strange Orb-like objects probing the skies above Planet Earth, who is to say that they are not watching us from a far also – perhaps some ET beings are concerned about our destructive ways being sent to other planets!?

U.I.P has always been extremely dubious about many of the reported sightings on the Red Planet, however we definitely feel that Mars may have once potentially had a civilization living on it, until some disastrous/world ending happened to it.  As much as feel that ‘some’ sightings are probably just a trick of the eye, we also feel that some of the strange things seen on and around the planet are just far too unexplainable and potentially HIDDEN by Nasa, hence the worlds leading space agencies incredible interest in Mars!

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What are YOUR thoughts on the Red Planets past?



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