Drone Discovers 50 NEW Alien Nazca Line Drawings – Disclosure Is Imminent?

Leading ARCHAEOLOGISTS have now uncovered more than 50 new bizarre drawings etched into the Sechura desert of Peru, with a lot of images appearing to show UFO’s and alien beings – could this be the evidence we need to confirm that we are VERY much not alone and never have been?

Using a start of the art drone equipped with a high definition camera, this group have discovered the markings which were almost too fine to be seen with the human eye! Video footage shows human-like alien figures, strange objects and what appears to be some kind of strange unknown map!

One of the most bizarre of the bunch displays what appears to be a flying monkey attached to a person. The Nazca culture inhabited the area between 200 and 700 AD (a bloody long time ago!).

Please check out highlights of these incredible finds in the video below:

But the exciting news is that these new findings may date back further, possibly between 500BC and 200AD, meaning that they could have belonged to Pacas and Topara cultures – but exactly what were they trying to leave behind to tell future generations about??

“Most of these figures are warriors,” said Peruvian archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo Butters.

“These ones could be spotted from a certain distance, so people had seen them, but over time, they were completely erased.”

The Paracas people preferred to place its stone monuments on the side of hills, enabling them to be seen from the villages below. But the Nazca’s placed theirs on mostly flat ground where their full form could only be seen from directly above!

This intriguing latest footage was uploaded to the National Geographic YouTube page, where many viewers were left speculating that these new discoveries represented an ancient alien life.

One comment read: “That flying human tethered to a monkey is an alien.”

Another questioned: “So what your saying is these aren’t alien related and the ancient Peruvians were so scientifically literate that they had a idea that apes were descended from humans?”

And a third simply stated: “Alien life confirmed.”

It has even been suggested that these drawings are highlighting the ‘missing link’ in the human races existence, that being the fact that the ape and human drawing could be representing that something else/unknown was part of our creation – but what!?

It has been said that Stephen Hawking investigated the link between the Nazca lines and ALIENS – please check out the interesting video link below:




But this is far from the first time that these incredible claims have surfaced. Back in October last year we saw similar scenes after Nazca lines were apparently used to attract UFOs – Interestingly some of the drawings actually look like some kind of a galactic alien runway!

And before all of this, an alien mummy was also apparently discovered in the Peruvian desert! Still yet debunked!


In my mind these markings a 100% depict alien beings, especially some of the strange looking humanoid figures and what appears to be UFO’s! I also feel that these breaking discoveries are part of the bigger build up towards ET disclosure – the elite and elite paid scientists have known about all of this for a VERY very long time but are too scared to tell us all the TRUTH!

These images appear to also be some kind of message to the aliens, perhaps asking for their return…


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