The Elite’s Master Puppet, Neil deGrasse Tyson Claims “Aliens Haven’t Visited Us!”

Clever astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has recently attacked the UFOLOGY world with his bold claims that “there was not a shred of evidence to support claims of alien visitations” enraging many researchers and people around the world that have first hand experience of clear UFO sightings and or have been visited by ET’s.  As much as Neil believes that life exists out there in the universe in a recent interview, it has now been suggested that he may be part of the Elites plan to give out ‘dis-information’ to the population of earth!

Although Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson has recently said he does not think we are alone in the universe.  In fact when he appeared on C-SPAN’s In Depth to explain how the chemistry of life means it is very unlikely that life could have only evolved on Earth.

He went on to say:

“It is not likely we are alone in the universe. If you look at how common the ingredients of life are.

“Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon – we are made of this stuff, it is the foundation of organic chemistry.

“We are carbon based life – this stuff is everywhere we look in the universe.

“Whatever happened on Earth, it’s not likely to be rare or unique. Because carbon chemistry, on which life is based, is the most fertile kind of chemistry there is. And carbon is abundant across the universe.

“The universe has been around 14 billion years – that is plenty of time to evolve all manner of creatures out there, esp microorganisms.”

But when it came onto the whole ‘UFO’ matter, his attitude appeared to change, almost feeling like a personal attack on any true believers out there who commit their lives to discovering the truth!

He went on to say:

“Have we been visited? That is a different question to ascertaining if life exists”

This goes completely against many leading researchers such Dr Steven Greer and Stephen Bassett who believe that there is a ‘truth embargo’ on Alien disclosure and are trying to push the government into telling us what is REALLY going on – please see our previous article on their cause:

Is The Truth About The Aliens, Going To Come Sooner Than We Think?


In comments that will shock and anger many in the UFO community, Neil blasted ufology and said there was not a shred of evidence to support claims of alien visitations and there never will be!

He said:

“What the UFO community puts forth as evidence is weak on a level that, in any scientific circle, would be kicked out of the lab room.”

He mockingly went on to say that an eye witness testimony of seeing something was not enough, particularly if it was just something unidentified – it was a huge jump to then say it was an alien craft.  Which is rather intriguing as Neil cannot confirm what any UFO sightings are as (1) He wasn’t there to see what it looked like and moved like and (2) Neil cannot confirm what ANY of the thousands of reported sightings are!

Unfortunately, it appears that Neil cannot explain videos such as the below, which is one of many clear Orb sightings around the planet:

Neil can also not explain what these HUGE cigar crafts are:

How can you deny sightings such as THIS!? Click HERE for more on this amazing capture.

Neil went on to say:

“I am not saying didn’t see it – I’m simply saying you cannot present that as evidence for something you want all of us to believe. I need better data.

“And as your claim gets more and more extraordinary, the less confidence I have. 

“Now you have taken a picture of something you don’t understand – it is better than eyes, so what is it  – it’s unidentified  – that is what the U stands for  – we don’t know what it is, it’s a mystery.”

Unfortunately Neil did not comment on any reported sightings that he had reviewed himself or gave any explanation as to what some of these incredible captures could actually be that people are witnessing around the planet!

He said people were seeing things they didn’t understand that were often circular-shaped lenticular or orographic clouds, but wanted to believe they were a “UFO mothership.”

Pretty sure the vast majority of people on earth know the difference between a cloud and a moving ‘made’ craft?

He then said:

“If you are susceptible to wanting this to be true, then that is the mothership.”

Let me tell you the truth about UFO’s – look into my eyes!

He even dismissed what, for years ufologists have said to be the smoking gun for alien life – testimonies from military pilots and officials, some of which have even worked for the government, to seeing UFOs.  Lets also not forget those who put their careers and life at risk for publicising what they believe is the truth behind the UFO sightings.

He said:

“I don’t care if you are a military pilot, you are still human and no less susceptible.

“I would love to meet some aliens, but have such low confidence in your claims.

“The day you find an alien – ideally, in fact, bring the alien and you are good to go.”

Mr deGrasse Tyson also dismissed the claims from a growing number of people who give accounts of being abducted by aliens – with no video footage or other evidence, even though many have had witness statements given and un-explainable ‘time loss’ during their abduction such as Travis Walton (please see our original article on this famous abduction story)

Travis Walton UFO Abduction

He concluded with:

“Where are the people on YouTube – the postings of people’s footage inside a flying saucer, shaking hands with the aliens?

“If you have been abducted by aliens get some video footage, and get other people to get some video footage.

“Grab something off the shelf – say look what I’ve stolen – take it to the lab to see if it is alien manufactured – we are still waiting for that to happen.”


It appears, according to Mr deGrasse Tyson, that there is life in the universe but they are too dumb and unintelligent to visit us – and those that believe that we have been visited are equally as dumb – perhaps we need to revisit the The Kardashev Scale (please see below).

There is NO denying the fact that DeGrasse Tyson is an incredibly intelligent man and has a great knowledge of the science of space, but it is also clear that he has zero understanding about the fact that we are still a species reliant on fossil fuels and there are beings out there in the Universe with millions if not BILLIONS of years of knowledge and technological advancement over us:




Lets also not forget there is in fact science that proves that life is being spread out across the universe, some of which has been captured by top scientists – they believe that this is a seed sent to earth by aliens and could quite possibly by the ‘seed of life’ – please check out our below article for more on this:

Alien seed sent to Earth? Scientists discover mysterious organism

Neil appears to be yet another CLEVER elite puppet who is trying he is hardest, alongside Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox and many others to sway the masses from the TRUTH about the ET’s.  He may mock us ufologists and people who have witnessed definite UFO’s not of an earthly origin, but he and the Cabal Elite will NEVER sway us from pushing harder than ever for the TRUTH.

After all Mr deGrasse Tyson, in an infinite Universe, comes INFINITE possibilities!!


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