ET Plasma Entity or Project Blue Beam In effect – Caught On Camera


A recent viral video which has been released into the public domain, apparently showing a plasma entity over Arizona, has some people now fearing the artificial apocalypse draws near.  But could this be something else, something not of this world?

This extremely controversial video was recently posted to Facebook and other social media sites, and in a very short time period, it was viewed and shared literally thousands of times. According to the person who uploaded this video, the footage was shot this month (November 2016) in Arizona and the comment section proves one thing: people are alarmed about what implications the presence of this plasma entity might have and most importantly, exactly WHAT is it!?

The creepy video shows an undisclosed unknown neighborhood somewhere in Arizona on what appears to be a dark and overcast day when all of a sudden, a huge streak of electric blue light is seen ascending through the clouds. The ethereal jet appears to be left behind by a capsule-looking object that bursts through the damp and dark atmosphere. Before strangely disappearing from view, the object makes contact with another entity and this could be interpreted as a docking process between two very distinct UFOs. But upon closer inspection, things become even more strange and alarming!?


Something strange is going on!?

When this bizarre video is slowed right down and zoomed in, the details of the first object become rather clear to say the least. Its shape is eerily reminiscent of an elongated, extraterrestrial-looking head. The object it comes into contact with bears a striking similarity to what appears to be an alien hand with long un-human like fingers. The ‘hand’ then reaches down from above the heavy rain clouds and grasps the trailing alien head. Both objects then disappear from view as the blue plasma-like ejecta slowly dissipates, as if nothing had ever happened.

This odd event takes place at least a few miles above ground, which suggests that both objects are incredibly huge. They make no attempt to shield themselves from view and this is an important detail. Whoever or whatever was behind this otherworldly apparition wanted to be seen by those below – could this be some kind of ‘forced’ disclosure by the ET’s??

If these strange objects are extraterrestrial in nature, it must mean they understand and make use of symbolism. An alien hand reaching out and grabbing an alien head and then disappearing from view might signify their intentions of withdrawing from our planet, or could this possibly mean the complete opposite and a sign of things to come?!

This could also mean that they are willing to offer us an unfiltered view of their appearance and that is why they chose elements of their own anatomy. Since they have been studying us for a very long time, they may know the importance of the head and hand in our modern day languages and cultures. These two parts signify intelligence and action and perhaps by employing these symbols, they encourage us to take our intellect into our own hands.  Or could this be government propaganda, i.e Project Blue Beam ?? (click here for more on this).

Maybe ‘IF’ ET’s created this crazy spectacle in the skies above Arizona, they could have chosen these elements arbitrarily and to each, his own interpretation works best!?


But and it is a big but, if this bizarre occurrence was not the work of alien beings but instead an internal event, things could quite possibly turn much more sinister and darker!

One of the most popular modern conspiracy theories revolves around the world known Blue Beam Project and the global changes it would entail. Apparently a major pet project of the New World Order (NWO) Project Blue Beam will seek to simulate an apocalypse scenario and introduce the world to its new potential overlords. Many truth seekers around the world agree that Blue Beam will consist of four consequential steps.

Project Blue Beam - coming to a town near you?

Project Blue Beam – coming to a town near you?

The Four Stage Approach 

The first step would have to do with the breakdown of all accepted knowledge regarding the world’s past and major events that led to the formation of various religions and beliefs. According to Biblioteca Pleyades, this first step will deal with “staging earthquakes at certain precise locations around the planet where supposed new ‘discoveries’ will finally explain that the meanings of the basic doctrines of all the world’s major religions are ‘wrong.’”

The recent increase in worldwide seismic activity seems to prove Step 1 is well underway. Various theorists claim that either HAARP or CERN are behind the recent wave of earthquakes that hit Italy, New Zealand and Japan.

Step two of the Blue Beam Project would apparently involve an enormous space show, generated by advanced holograms and laser projections in all corners of the globe. Hit by its hidden fears, humanity would feel vulnerable, and mayhem would take over major cities as the prophetic visions of the world’s religions would play in the sky above them. Carefully-simulated attacks would rise panic to unprecedented levels.

Steps three revolves around advanced LF (low frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency) and ELF (Extra Low Frequency) transmissions that would directly interfere with the subjects’ (read: us) brainwaves, leading them into believing their divinity is communicating with them.

Once this maneuver is successful, the world is ready and the stage is set for the introduction of the so-called New Messiah who would establish worldwide peace at the cost of everyone’s freedom.

Project Blue Beam is one of the most hideous scenarios and it’s little wonder people shiver at the mere thought of it happening. The prospect of this recent video being proof that the gears of Blue Beam are set in motion is troubling, to say the least.

Thankfully, we have one main weapon on our side and that is ‘Knowledge’. It’s much harder to be fooled when you know you’re being tricked. Keep your eyes open and don’t believe what you’re being told. Pass information through your judgement’s filter and be watchful.


Our personal take on this incredible video is that this could be showing us the activity of some kind of a far advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, but then again it could also be a false flag event created by the elite – see Project Blue Beam!

This creepy footage has yet to be debunked and as it stands is currently the real deal! There are many incredible sightings around the world at the moment, but we have to be careful to ensure this is not a build up to some kind of worldwide hoax led by the Illuminati to control and divide us – Please click HERE for more information on PROJECT BLUE BEAM!






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