Fellow Truth Seeker, Chester Benningtons ‘Bizarre’ UFO sighting, Confirmed – R.I.P

Recently we lost one of the planets top rock singers, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who ‘supposedly’ committed suicide after suffering from depression for many years.  But, not long before Chesters death, he confirmed that he had once witnessed an incredible UFO, which in his own words he found it “creepy” and “bizarre” looking! It has now been suggested that this sighting could possibly be linked to his death, alongside a few other dark rumours.

The Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington revealed he saw a UFO before his death.  Strangely, many other famous figures before their deaths, including John Lennon and JFK!

The 41-year-old musician made the confession during a conversation with a KIISFM.com presenter, which was filmed and later uploaded to the Fury of Awesomeness blog on YouTube.  Please check out the video below:

Discussing the incident, which he said happened in Arizona, the late chart-topper said:

“It’s a million per cent true. It’s the only time I’ve seen something and could not put a reasonable, logical explanation together.

“I vividly remember what I saw. I still get the creepy feeling from knowing it wasn’t man-made. It was too bizarre.”

The intriguing clip, which has now gone viral in the days since his passing, has racked-up more than 112,000 views.  It has also attracted plenty of mixed responses from fans, who seem to believe different theories about his death!

One said: “He does not look a guy who wanted to die,” while another agreed, adding: “I’m sorry, but he looked like he was very happy…I seriously think something happened.”

Others disagreed, with one saying: “I can’t wait to see all the new rumours on him that got killed by the Illuminati or the UFO. Just let the man rest in peace.”

Another piped up and said: “Please. Stop bringing conspiracies to the death of celebrities. He had depression. He did not die because of any aliens. Please show some respect!”.


Chester Bennington of Linkin Park – A fellow believer. R.I.P



Like with any superstars death, comes a whole load of conspiracy theories.  However this is no conspiracy and is clearly fact, but whether or not this clear UFO sighting had anything to do with his deaths is unanswerable at this moment in time.

It is always great when celebrities such as Chester publicly announce their own personal belief in UFO’s and Aliens, as it brings the subject matter forward a little more with each announcement.  John Lennon (R.I.P) also confirmed before he died that he had witnessed a clear UFO whilst his time in america – please check his video below:

However unlikely it is that Chesters death was anything to do with his public announcement that he had witnessed a UFO whilst in Arizona (UFO hot-spot) there are some other strange discussions going on about Chesters death, namely that of the lead singer being ‘murdered’ due to his and his late friend Chris Cornells (who also committed suicide recently) knowledge of the elites pedophilia ring.

Chester himself  has admitted himself that he was abused by a family ‘friend’ when he was younger, although the person responsible has never actually been named publicly. Where it gets even stranger and darker, are the rumours also going around, stating that the politician and former Obama Aide, John Podesta is in fact Chesters true father and was potentially the secret figure who abused him when he was younger and may have even been involved with his death!? The likeness is uncanny, BUT this could very well be just rumours getting way out of hand – Please check out the likeness below:

The uncanny likeness

U.I.P unlike many other sites are NOT going to dictate to the public that Chester Bennington was murdered by his politician secret Dad, or had his life taken for disclosing his UFO sighting to the planet as it was clear the great former front man of Linkin Park had been suffering with major depression throughout his life and many challenges. BUT, one thing we can say, is that we salute Mr Bennington for no just his incredible talents in his music career, but also for his open-mind when it came to life beyond the stars and the damage that we are doing to this planet.

If the elite by any wild chance are responsible for the deaths of many world-wide stars who have spoken out against them, the we are watching YOU very closely, as we know exactly what you are capable of when it comes to dealing with a ‘threat’.

R.I.P Chester Bennington, a fellow truth seeker and Believer. We leave you below a Linkin Park song which stands up to the damage that the elite are causing on this beautiful planet.




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