First Alien Abduction of 2018?

Only two months into 2018 and our skies have already been very busy! Looks to me that 2018 will be a promising year for UFO sightings and other paranormal activities. When I came across the mind-blowing incident of Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, I was astounded that it actually made it to the mainstream media From MYNBC5 News: “A skier missing from Whiteface Mountain has been found in California”.


New York State Police said Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, 49, of Toronto, was found 2,900 miles away Tuesday in Sacramento.  Filippidis was reported missing last Wednesday by friends who said he could not be found as the resort was closing. His belongings were found at the lodge and his car was still in the parking lot.

Since then, hundreds of volunteers have spent about 7,000 hours combing the mountain. Crews used K-9s and helicopters as part of the search.  The steep and icy terrain make the search even more challenging. Filippidis made contact with law enforcement officers in Sacramento. He was reported to be in good health.

The circumstances of Filippidis’ disappearance remain under investigation. Officials have not said why he went missing. Before Tuesday, police said they had no reason to believe Filippidis was not on the mountain. The Department of Homeland Security, New York State Police, New York Department of Conservation, United States Customs and Border Protection and officials in Toronto assisted with the search. Filippidis is a married father of two and a 28-year veteran Toronto firefighter. He had been skiing with a group of firefighters and retired firefighters.

Toronto Professional Firefighters Local 3888 President Frank Ramagano answered reporters’ questions Tuesday evening. He said Filippidis was found confused and unable to answer questions as to how he got to California. Ramagano said Filippidis was receiving medical care after calling his wife and then 911. Filippidis was found alone.

Ramagano said Filippidis did not have a history of mental illness or substance abuse. He said Filippidis was found wearing the same ski gear, including the helmet and goggles, he was last seen in when he was reported missing. Officials have not said how he traveled to Sacramento.
Ramagano said he did not believe Filippidis flew because he left his identification at Whiteface. search for Filippidis cost.

U.I.P Summary

What an amazing case this is!! It certainly looks like Constantinos has been abducted by aliens just like Travis Walton, obviously the government will try its best to cover-up this incident by claiming it was a hoax or something more ridiculous, watch this space.
Yaz, Mwv

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