Forget The Propaganda – The ET’s Will Come In Peace (Confirms Quantum Physicist)

Forget the Elite-driven negative propaganda towards extraterrestrial life introducing themselves to the human race, this is a strategy of those who want to control us and divide us, of which they do this by making us fear the unknown.  Now a leading quantum Physicist has now publicly stated that he believes that if anything, the ET’s will arrive to HELP us.

When the Aliens first landed on Earth in the 1996 sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks!, for a moment it appears all will be fine. “We come in peace,” says their  strange talking leader, as the music swells and a dove soars overhead. Seconds later the Skull-like Alien Beings pulls out a laser gun and opens fire on a crowd of human onlookers. Yet another blockbuster alien invasion has begun. Let’s not forget that the vast majority of Alien films usually deem the ET’s as the enemy of the human race (Independence day, Alien films, War Of The Worlds etc etc!).  But is this the case? Would alien beings who have managed to travel the vastness of space or other dimensions to visit us, just want to destroy us? Possibly, but also possibly NOT!

Independence day resurgence – Yet again showing the ET’s as the enemy.

Sadly, this is Hollywood, of course. But the melodrama underscores one of humanity’s most widely held fears: that if and when we do encounter extraterrestrial beings, they will wreak all kinds of havoc, much as they do in the movies – but remember, this is purely just an implant that has been put into most people’s heads by films which identify the ET’s as the bad guys!

What with Science now proving that the Universe is infested with life out there, some of which would be far more advanced and knowledgeable than us human beings, surely like us there is good and bad in every walk of life.

This new book, Aliens: The World’s Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili asked a series of experts to explore how humans might actually make contact with aliens. The possibility is not as far-fetched as it once seemed: since NASA launched its Kepler mission in 2009, researchers have discovered thousands of new planets and “revolutionized our concept of how many habitable worlds could exist,” writes astrobiologist Nathalie Cabrol in one of the book’s essays.

But while Hollywood/the Elite suggests we should expect to battle their inhabitants, science tells a different story. Here, five popular alien myths that Aliens debunks.  It is important to always remember that there is a very dark scary reason why the elite plant such negative thoughts into the masses brains.

MYTH NO. 1: Aliens would eat us (like most films want us to believe)

Movies like The Blob and Critters imagine aliens harvesting humans for food, an unpleasant prospect. But it doesn’t track with the science of nutrition, writes astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell. In order for aliens to get nourishment from eating us, their bodies would have to be capable of processing our molecules (like amino acids and sugars). And that requires having a similar biochemistry–a long shot for a species that hails from a different world.

MYTH NO. 2: Aliens would breed with us

Both of this summer’s Alien blockbuster movies, Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, involve human-alien hybrids. But given that we can’t even reproduce with our nearest evolutionary relative, the chimpanzee, it’s “overwhelmingly improbable” we could do so with aliens, according to Dartnell.

MYTH NO. 3: Aliens would look like us

The evolution on human beings depended on so many unique and unpredictable factors, it’s near impossible that an extraterrestrial species would have human-like features, like the aliens in The Day the Earth Stood Still and Star Trek. It’s far likelier, writes neuroscientist Anil Seth, that they’d be as different as the octopus, “our very own terrestrial alien,” which has a high level of intelligence, a decentralized nervous system and an alternative style of consciousness.  In an infinite universe comes INFINITE possibilities!

MYTH NO. 4: Aliens would be “living” creatures

Even restrained films like Arrival get this one wrong, according to some scientists. Should aliens contact us, cosmologist Martin Rees believes we will hear not from fellow organic creatures, but from the robots they produced, who can, in theory, live forever. Please see our article on potential super intelligent alien robots that scour the universe for other habitable planets – please click HERE!

MYTH NO. 5: Aliens would steal our water and metal

The ET’s in Independence Day famously arrive in style to strip Earth of its natural resources. But once again, that kind of logic doesn’t add up, writes Dartnell. Most of our metal is in the Earth’s core, not its crust; asteroids would be far better targets for mining. And icy moons, like Jupiter’s Europa, would be easier places to stock up on water. They’re uninhabited, and they don’t have Earth’s strong gravitational pull. So why earth? In the greater scheme of things, our little blue planet is not really that special at all!

So if aliens aren’t interested in harvesting our lands or our bodies, why would they make contact? (like in the film/book War of The Worlds) Dartnell suspects a purer motive: curiosity. “If aliens did come to Earth,” he writes, it would probably be “as researchers: biologists, anthropologists, linguists, keen to understand the peculiar workings of life on Earth, to meet humanity and learn of our art, music, culture, languages, philosophies and religions.”

So let’s just say that we should now, hide our alien movies away, apart from films like Paul and Stephen Spielberg’s epic movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ were the ET’s are kind of a lot more friendly, and in most cases just very curious about us funny little humans!

 Don’d believe the negative elite-driven hype!

Close Encounters of the Third (curious) Kind


I am sure the vast majority of you will agree, when it comes to the movies and the media, the ET’s are not very often deemed in a very positive light. But, let us all be honest with ourselves, just look at those that control us and divide us, the self-proclaimed world leaders with their false borders and illegal wars – could the ET’s actually get any worse, and whose to say they have already learned by their mistakes in the past and now here to help us!?

These are exciting times in discovery and there is a world-wide awakening going on and the masses of planet earth are more curious than ever about what lies beyond planet earth.  We are being drip fed disclosure weekly by the elites scientists.  The elite know that we are very much not alone and want to scare us into believing that anything non human is a threat to our planet – sadly the real threat lies much closer to us all and charges us taxes daily.

Like our previous article below goes into more depth about, with ET official contact, comes endless possibilities for the human race!

Official Alien Contact And Humanity’s Path To The Universe



Perhaps the ET’s want to be our friends…Like Paul the Alien.

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