George W. Bush Accepts Alien/UFO Cover Up – Live On TV

It appears that most former Presidents are trying to cover up something when it comes to ET Disclosure and now it is George W Bush’s turn.  The former US President George W. Bush has refused to divulge what he saw in alleged classified government UFO files while he was in office, fueling claims there is a major cover up underway.  The fact that he has (1) Accepted that he has looked at classified documents and (2) refuses to disclose anything, confirms that he is very much a man in the KNOW!

The former Republican President was questioned about the White House’s top secret UFO files while appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show.  Kimmel is known for broaching the subject and regularly ask guests such as Hillary Clinton about what they know.  Recently Kimmel quizzed Obama about the ET’s of which Obama gave a very nervous and somewhat sarcastic reply – please click HERE for more on this!

Many Alien disclosure activists say they are convinced the White House has proof of alien visitations of Earth, but keeps it hidden due to a fear of the potential impact on religion and the rule of law.

Bush was put on the spot by Kimmel who asked him about his knowledge of the “secret file UFO documents”.

Please check out the intriguing interview here:

He asked Bush if he had gone through the classified documents while president – saying “it would be the first thing I would do”.  Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, was coy and appeared slightly anxious and did not give much away, while appearing to confirm he had seen some information, making many believe that he has seen a lot!

Bush, who was in office for two terms from 2000 to 2008 said “maybe” when asked if he had looked at such documents.  He then said he was giving nothing away, even “when 90” – suggesting he would take the secrets to the grave (still another twenty years to go!).

Kimmel asked again if Bush would tell him what was in the files, but his guest said “no”.

Kimmel said: “Now that you’re out of office you can do anything you want, right?”

Bush replied: “True. But I am not telling you. I’m not telling you nothing.”

Bush even went on to confirm that his “daughters asked the very same question” about revealing the UFO secrets of the White House, of which he declined to answer or confirm, apparently!?

Recently the CIA has systematically been releasing declassified files from its archive and publishing them online.  Although many believe that these are just a distraction and designed to take people off the real track of Disclosure and Truth.

Thousands of documents were published by the agency in January.  Among them were files that revealed CIA contractors claimed to have had contact with aliens, according to transcripts from experiments using “psychics” like Uri Geller.  They also published details on their ‘mind control’ operations – please click HERE for more on this!

There was, however, no definitive proof in the files that aliens have visited Earth. UFO hunters and truth seekers have also repeatedly accused NASA of an alien cover up – pointing to mysterious “cuts” in the ISS feed while strange objects loomed into view.  It appears that the Cabal Elite and NASA have a very good relationship when it comes to hiding the truth from us all – after all, it is the US Government who fund NASA!

Now we can search through hundreds of thousands of documents on-line, our main focus here at UIP will be researching all the documents related to UFOs and aliens, you can find the library here:


Oh George W Bush, how we can see through your lies and deceit, just like we could see through your lies about the ‘supposed’ Weapons of Mass Destruction that were supposedly in Iraq before you invaded the country and killed millions of people!  This man is transparent as glass and you can see from this interview that he is lying again to us all – but the question is, how far down the rabbit hole did he actually go??

Please check out another video, this time of Obama on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show.  It is clear that his response is quite similar to Bush’s,although he tends to try and use a bit of reverse psychology to sway us off course with what he really knows – please check it out yourselves!


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