The GIANT Cube UFO That Keeps Returning To Our Sun

OK, one thing is for sure, we cannot confirm is it’s a Borg Cube, but that doesn’t mean its intentions are friendly and not a potential threat for the human race!

This HUGE cube-shaped UFO was spotted near our Sun on December 22 by myunhauzen74 of YouTube, a conspiracy theorist known for his stance on NASA and the truth he believes they keep hidden. This cube has been seen before and sometimes it’s seen in three dimensions other times like this just two-dimensional.

Please see the video below:

It has not been the first time this year (2016) that the worlds leading space authority NASA (Never A Straight Answer) have been forced to defend themselves against truth seekers around the world. After an ISS live feed suddenly went down, UFO enthusiasts were convinced that it was because they were attempting to conceal  what appears to be a U-shaped object floating through the sky – please see below:

Some claim feed was cut after object got too close to the space station


It cannot be denied anymore that there are many large crafts now visiting the sun and in some instances they appear to be draining the sun’s energy.  In fact if you check the below video you can see a famous instance of a ‘planet sized’ planet like sphere tethering up to the sun before releasing itself into space:


Check out this video too of what appears to be another HUGE alien craft taking energy from the Sun:

So could it be that there are ET Beings out there that either use our Sun as some kind of way to refuel their large intergalactic crafts, or could it be that the sun is used as some kind of massive portal through space and time – lets not forget that NASA has admitted that portals DO EXIST and could possibly be used to travel to different parts of space (please CLICK HERE for more on this!).

This huge square-shaped UFO that has been caught again next to the sun, is most definitely not the Borgs ship out of Star Trek (obviously) but it is definitely something which nobody can explain about at this moment in time and something that U.I.P is going to investigate more about.  It is impossible to believe that we are alone in the Universe, but it is now time to try to discover about WHO and WHAT are the beings that stay close around Planet Earth




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