Huge Orb Fires Beam Of Light Towards Motorist, Dartmoor UK – Caught On Camera

It appears that the ET’s in the skies above us now want to be seen and forcing their very own disclosure!  A man has recently described the intriguingly creepy moment a bright UFO apparently focused a beam of light near his parked up car on Dartmoor – which left him feeling “nauseous” and “sick”.

A gentleman who goes by the name of Shayne Dawe, 46, confirmed that he saw three bright lights converge at around 3am in the stunning national park before the orb “focused a beam of light onto the ground” in the distance, not too far away from where he was parked up.

The bizarre “jerky and erratic” movements in the sky prompted Shayne to whip out his camera and capture the exciting sighting – but strangely the lights quickly made him feel ill, almost like some kind of unknown energy source.

Please check out the great capture below:

He exclusively told Mirror Online:

“When I first saw it it looked like a triangle shape – with the three lights.

“Then it converged into one and it seemed to focus a beam of light onto the ground.

“I had to pat myself on my chest just to calm down. The next minute it came right up to me and I realised that I had to get out of there.

“It made me feel nauseous and sick – I never get sea sick or anything like that.

“At that point it was about 200 yards away from me.”

The orb of light captured on camera by Shayne Dawe (Image: Shayne Dawe)

By zooming in on the orb like object, you can clearly tell that it is some kind of plasma like energy source which is being used to fuel this unknown craft:

Zoomed in and filtered, clearly shows this is some kind of plasma based craft.

The lorry driver, from Plymouth, has been a popular visitor to Dartmoor for the past 25 years. He sadly described to the media how he had been staying in his car for the last two weeks after breaking up with his girlfriend (perhaps we all need to do this to see more sightings!?).

After feeling sicky and nauseous, Shayne quickly fled the scene and drove to nearby Princetown village.

“It made me fear for my life,” he said.

“It was terrifying. When I got to Princetown I thought about calling the police or going to [HMP Dartmoor] prison just for sanctuary.”

It appears that what Shayne had seen was trying to communicate with him, like many other people have reported across the planet.

It appears that Dartmoor is an incredible place to be to see our ET visitors – lets not forget some of the great clear skies in that are!

Great night sky views at Dartmoor, UK.


Now it is not very often you get a sighting come along that you think ‘WOW’ but along comes a fantastic one like this, with photos and a video recording.

It is disappointing that the gentleman who witnessed this event didn’t manage to get to record or photograph the light being beamed on the floor, however one of the team are onto this and looking to speak to him to see what other evidence he may have recorded.

These orbs are being seen across the planet and like this capture they appear to start off in a formation and the combine into one central Orb.

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote an article explaining about how the ET’s in the sky often try to call out to us, when we focus in on their crafts – this is an incredible example.

It’s TIME To Call Out To The Aliens Visiting Earth


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