Incredible HUGE ‘Fiery’ UFO Witnessed Doing Something Beyond Belief!

A huge blazing fireball UFO has been witnessed above New Zealand, doing something simply unbelievable! In the spectacular recent footage, a massive brightly lit blazing object is seen crashing to the ground, leaving an immense amount of smoke trail behind it – but then craft appears to stop its path and suddenly catapults vertically into the air!!?

After this bizarre event, the huge brightly lit craft appears to turn back around and continue back on its trajectory, leaving its fiery trail behind it.

The mind-boggling video was taken in New Zealand on July 31.  Please check out the strange capture video below, which was originally put up by a youtuber named ‘UFO Fan’

Clearly from looking at the sighting it looks very much like something NOT of this world. The craft itself appears to look like it may have been made out of some kind of plasma like material.  It has been suggested that this may have been some kind of passenger/military plane, but the sheer size of this UFO is unlike anything ever seen in our skies. Also, these types of dangerous manoeuvres in the sky would NOT have been permitted, unless a pilot had some kind of difficulty with their craft!

UFO- Fan believes that this may be some kind of Orb being witnessed in the skies above NZ and went on to say on his Youtube page:

“No, it’s not an explosion because this object is visible in the sky everyday when there are no clouds at that specific area where it is usually located. I have been seeing it for the last 12 months. This object has been spotted as early as 2003 with a worldwide recorded appearance in 2011-2013”

Mystery: BIZARRE: The fireball that soared over New Zealand did something baffling

It ‘appears’ that the ET’s no longer what to hide away from public view!


This is an incredible sighting, one of which cannot truly be debunked, unless the military in the area confirm that they were doing some kind of secretive test (which may also not confirm the truth of this story).

UFO sightings are dramatically on the rise and as much as hoaxes are sadly on the rise too, it takes clear incredible sightings such as this one, to confirm that something very bizarre is going on in the skies above us – perhaps the ET’s are forcing their very own disclosure!?

The shape of the UFO in this video is unlike anything ever seen before, with many claiming it as some kind of alien ‘light craft’ or a plasma based Orb.

Keep your eyes to the sky people, you  never know what you might see these days. This sighting reminds me very much of my own fiery Orb sighting that I reported on our site a little while ago:

U.I.P’s Creators Very Own ‘Fiery Orb’ Sighting Report





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