INCREDIBLE UFO/Orb’s Sighting Above Normandy, France – The ET’s Want To Be Seen!

The incredible moment a silent UFO was clearly captured on camera by a town local – which appears to have lights connected to it, floats above French coastal town.

A local in the area shot the eerie footage after coming across the unusual object floating above his village.  It is not very often that we see a clear capture of a UFO caught in the sky, so this appears to be a great capture and one which is hard to debunk!

Taking out his smartphone to film the unidentified object, he captured as much of its movements as he could before his battery died.

Footage of the “UFO” sees a silent object with several lights connected to it, seemingly flaring and strangely ‘pulsing’ as it hovers above the French coastal town.

The clip has been viewed over 2,000 times on YouTube, where it was posted on February 10.  Some people have suggested that this was some kind of military flares, but nothing as of yet has been confirmed or denied – No military crafts were supposedly not in the area at the time of this intriguing capture.

It has also been suggested that this could be a great capture of those huge orbs being seen around the world, breaking up into different parts.  2017 is already proving to be an exciting year for UFO sightings.  Recently multiple Orbs were seen along the US-Mexico border, all captured on camera and heading in one set direction – witnessed by MANY on the ground below (please click HERE for more on this story).



As of yet, like most cases, us guys at U.I.P cannot confirm exactly what this was captured in the skies above France, however what we can confirm is that this has not yet been debunked and may not be a long while!

This appears to be a great capture, and it is nice to see a clear quality recording also! There have been many recent impressive sightings caught on camera by the public, perhaps the ET’s are trying their hardest to create their very own disclosure? After all, we cannot depend on the Elite to tell us any time soon about what is REALLY going on….


ET’s creating their own Disclosure?


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