The Most Mysterious Cases Featuring UFO’s

The total of the asserted observations keeps on growing and interest is still great in lots of those immensely peculiar unsettled UFO occurrences.

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UFO’s highly mysterious cases:


The contention around the supposed flying saucer breakdown at Roswell in 1947 twisted after an unknown engineer revealed that he had interrogated someone who previously observed the occurrence.

The interrogated individual is a welder and he revealed that he witnessed a faultless round craft which didn’t have seams, rivets or crevices. He was requested to weld open an entryway and after doing so, he looked inside and he noticed 2 small dead people who were covered in purple aeronautics uniforms.

Individuals who hold senior ranks threatened him not to tell anyone because he would end up in jail or terrible.

In another disclosure, Chuck Zukowski (UFO huntsman) alleged that he discovered a metal block at Roswell and he believes that it might be a section of the flying saucer remains.

2. Rendlesham

The United States Air Force officials alleged that in 1980 they saw UFOs and a craft in the Rendlesham forest. 76 year old Colonel Halt was a deputy commander then. Colonel alleged that those officers that witnessed the lights first and then the UFO on the floor couldn’t count for a period of forty minutes while searching in the woods. This was after their transmission means stopped functioning.

Those officers later said how they felt steady as they saw the hieroglyphic-like markings and flashing lights of the objects. Later, 2 past military technicians alleged that a UFO was found on radar and was seen from RAF Bentwaters control tower and RAF Woodbridge and even from Rendlesham Forest.

That new evidence served as helpful resources which prompted Gary Heseltine (UFO investigator) to ask the Ministry of Defence to scrutinise that case again to determine what exactly transpired.

3. Spanish X-Files

The Spain Defense Ministry is the most recent one to produce its UFO files in 2016. They produced 80 digital files which had 1,900 pages that covered UFO sightings from 1962 to 1995.

Those files had many military staff findings including the 1989 sluggish moving lenticular object which projected bright colour changing lights. The lights were tracked by air traffic control radar at Santiago de Compostela.

4. Area 51

A top secret Nevada desert US Air Force base is an attraction for UFO due to a secret belief that damaged flying saucers are kept and tested there.

Paul Hellyer (a Canadian that used to be a Defence Minister) alleged that he talked to a person that was flown to Area 51. The man said he was actually shown the inner of the flying saucer craft that was kept there.

Ex Defence Minister: YOUR Leaders Are Lying To You ALL About UFO’s


He signed a confidentiality oath but he was obliged to reveal what he saw to Hellyer because he was about to die due to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

U.I.P Summary

Those are the extremely peculiar UFO occurrences which are also unbelievable but they cannot be dismissed.

Kaya Johnson



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