NASA’s Acceptance Of Life Beyond Earth – Whats To Come Next Will SHOCK The Masses

Most people, especially those in the know, already know that NASA is just an extension to the US Military machine, but a recent open admission on mainstream media that “there are indications of alien life” is more than likely the beginning of a bid to get the masses immediate attention before full-forced disclosure ensues – but will this disclosure come from the Elite, or will it be forced upon by the ET’s?

The majority of people already believe what NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan has already recently stated, that:

“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade .. .I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20-30 years.”

But it appears that with the masses becoming a lot more curious about life beyond planet earth and UFO sightings dramatically on the rise across the planet, the TRUTH could be coming a lot quicker than what Ellen has originally stated.

Stofan went on to say:

“We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia. Within all of our lifetimes we’re going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We’re going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth. ”

Ellen Stofan of NASA – Gave a huge hint about what’s to come!

What the masses are going to soon understand and realise, is that our secretive worldwide government have in fact (as most of us already know) been hiding the TRUTH about the Aliens for a very long time.

Many believe that in an effort to transition, the United States and many other countries through its reach to a cabal-run oligarchy, being our ‘shadow government’ has been blatantly lying to us all, about off-planet corporate slavery rings, alien abductions, benevolent beings who can only do so much – that is until our collective consciousness elevates, and much more! The ‘Awakening’ of the human race appears to be happening right now!

A William Cooper, amongst many more, have tried desperate;y to disclose the true purpose of NASA, but he was exterminated. His death, among thousands of others, will not be in vain.

Milton William Cooper (1943—2001) was the conspiracy theorist other conspiracy theorists wish they could be. Getting his start in radio in the 1980s, Cooper was the first to mix New World Order conspiracy theories! His book, Behold a Pale Horse, can still be found in the New Age section of many book stores and you can also thank him for popularizing the term “sheeple” – Cooper died in 2001 in a shootout with police, after successfully avoiding an arrest warrant for tax evasion and bank fraud for three years.[1] Militia and conspiracy folklore subsequently enshrined Cooper as a martyr who was brutally beaten and murdered for “telling the truth” about a vast NWO conspiracy plot to disarm the populace in order to better subjugate them.

Many NASA workers and leading scientists appear to have been killed off over the last so many years – it appears that they all knew too much about ‘something’ – please check out our recent article on these mysterious deaths:

Another Dead NASA Scientist, ‘SEVENTY FOUR’ Scientists dead in 2 years!

But guess what people, we will soon also learn that aside from extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet for many years and many different Alien races have also tinkering with our DNA over millennia, there are ancient humanoid races that are more than 10 million years old.  Please check out below some of our important articles on this:

Scientists discover some DNA is NOT from our ancestors – Alien Genes!

The Extraterrestrial Message – Hidden In Us ALL


The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Were Alien Hybrids – Proves New Genetic Studies?

We will learn that a recent computer hacking retrieved millions of government and corporate personnel records, some say as part of documentation for Nuremburg-like trials, will begin soon against those who have mind-controlled, enslaved and tortured us. Undeniable photos of UFOs were also unearthed.

Already, we have seen the amount of damage the wikileaks attacks have caused, and how nervous and twitchy the Elite have become over these:

Wikileaks Have Already Disclosed NASA’s Secret – ALIENS ARE REAL


We may also learn that chemtrails and GMOs were the LEAST of plans made for us so-called ‘sheeple’ and ‘useless eaters’ by an apparent Luciferian/cult like Elite cabal! We may also learn that President Harry Truman signed a document with certain ETs that allowed the ‘elite’ to conduct highly technological experiments with intelligence gained from these ETs in exchange for looking the other way when certain humans were abducted for ET experiments – yes, this is currently a conspiracy, but the evidence appears to be building!

The human race will also learn that we are not as weak and helpless as we first thought, as we may have been programmed to believe! We may actually in fact be some kind of a rare humanoid race that has an incredible range of emotion and creative power – Could it be that we will learn that our minds and emotions can either fuel chaos on this planet (like what is going on right now!) or restore it to its rightful place of peace and cooperation, of care for others at least as much as ourselves.  Look at the wars and destruction that is happening on planet earth right NOW! Then think about how much the human race appears to be waking up to what is REALLY going on!

The war in Syria – proof of mankind’s destructive ways – and proof of the Elites plans to control and divide us all.

Hopefully soon we will also learn that our ascension into infinitely peaceful beings is actually incredibly possible, and it has been described in countless books, many of which have been suppressed along with UFO information.  The only thing that appears to be stopping us becoming more peaceful beings, is those that choose to control us and divide us – our so-called self-proclaimed ‘world leaders’.

The truth may very be coming people, but soon may come down to how hard we all push for the truth!

The TRUTH is all around us – we just have to see it!


After what appears to have been a lifetime of waiting and a lot of LIES, NASA is telling us now that the likelihood of alien life is very real and that we can expect to have proof of this in the next 20 – 30 years. BUT, be sure to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to try to prove this information to us over the years, and to use discernment when the truth is finally revealed – The Elite do not want us to ever learn the truth about what is going on all around us before they say so, as they know that they will have to say goodbye to their control and divisions of the human race!

The truth may come a lot sooner through a world-wide unity to push for the truth, but at what costs, and how much will it take before the ET’s feel that the masses are ready to accept their existence.  We still have a long way to go, but it is time that we pushed harder than ever for the truth and to call out to our ET friends that we need saving.

Please check out the two important videos below:


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