Nuclear Scientist Confirms “Aliens Are Here And Ready To Remove Us If They Have To”

A top leading scientist recently confirmed that aliens are already here on earth and biding their time before a full reveal, in a somewhat chilling warning!

It was Stanton Friedman who is a top nuclear physicist, who is convinced there have been multiple visitations of Earth by aliens, who will ultimately quarantine us here on Earth he believes.

The Canadian born scientist has now publicly claimed that “there was not a shadow of doubt”the existence of intelligent/advanced alien beings was being covered up by the global elite as part of some kind of world wide secretive truth embargo.

Mr Stanton Friedman – a true believer with perhaps some inside knowledge on the ET’s

It is important to remember that UFO’s have been witnessed in their masses above nuclear power plants and military facilities – perhaps Mr Friedman has also witnessed his fair share and has some inside knowledge about the ET beings!?

UFO Fleet Above Nuclear Power Station – ‘A Warning To Earth’?

Mr Friedman, who is now 82, is also a well known top Ufologist, who has been at the heart of investigations into the mysterious Roswell alleged UFO crash of 1947, after previously working on classified projects for American aerospace corporation McDonnell Douglas.

Mr Friedman recently spoke to a British newspaper and said:

“This is kept from people because who would want the world in upheaval? There would be mass panic and distress.

“If they (the aliens) want to make themselves known, it’s easy – they will.” He said.

Mr Friedman appears to be suggesting that certain factors here on earth, potentially religious ones, will not accept the aliens in any shape or form.

The top scientist also believes that recently released CIA secret files on UFO sightings were a 100% proof that the aliens are here – please check out our previous article on this:

CIA releases documents on UFOs, Aliens and State funded mind control operations!

The reasons that Mr Friedman believes that they are here is because the ET’s see us as a very destructive race and they do NOT want us to ever colonise space and will “ultimately quarantine us here for the greater good to prevent mankind travelling”

Our violent destructive ways are concerning the ET’s.

He said:

“I think they are here. I think they are here to quarantine us, keep us from going out there.

“With our track record – we’re evil.”

And looking back at the sheer amount of conflicts and wars, Mr Friedman may be correct in his thoughts.

Mr Friedman then went on to make some even darker claims that our governments are trying to take advantage of aliens being here by obtaining their technology to achieve world supremacy – something which the aliens are also very concerned about!

He gave a chilling warning and went on to also say:

“The first country to replicate [alien] technology will rule the roost if they can build it.

Edward Snowden Leaks Top Secret Aircraft Built From Alien Technology


You almost have to admire these very senior people who come out into the public domain to confirm what is really going on. Risking their reputation and lives to inform the planet about the dark elite cabals deepest darkest secrets!

Mr Friedman’s words are true, we have proven ourselves to be a rather destructive race, what with wars happening daily and the slow destruction of our beautiful blue planet.  The question is, when the ET’s officially announce that they are here, who will they want to remove, just the elite or all of us?

Lets not forget another famous Canadian who has confirmed the truth about the ET’s – former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer.

Paul believes that our world leaders are also hiding the truth about the ET beings visiting us.  Please see our previous article on this below:

Ex Defence Minister: YOUR Leaders Are Lying To You ALL About UFO’s

Theses men have NO reason to lie to us all and it is time that the masses force the elite to tell us exactly what is REALLY going on! Lets not forget UFO sightings are dramatically on the up, perhaps they are getting ready to force their own disclosure.



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