Oregon, A place of Interest For UFOs

November 2017, a mystery light was captured in the sky moments before a lorry dramatically toppled in a motorway crash.

The incident happened in Portland, Oregon, and the huge heavy goods vehicle was seen skidding along the road after the driver lost control.

But eagle-eyed viewers spotted what looks like a meteor flashing through the air seconds before it happened.

Sparks went flying as the massive truck scraped along the freeway – but that was not what drew attention once it was posted online.

Twitter users were quick to point out the ‘UFO’.

One wrote: “What was that UFO over top of the truck before it turned over it look like a meteor. Maybe the driver was looking at the meteor and caused the crash.”

Another posted: “Look at the solar flare to the right of the screen it’s connected to the accident family.”

The crash was recorded on the dash cam of Uber driver Hassan, who told Oregon Live: “It was very dramatic. I just stepped on the gas. “I was just trying to get away as fast as I could.”

Remarkably no one was seriously injured.

Let’s also note that this incident happened roughly 4 weeks after a UFO was spotted in the same area by airline pilots also seen by civilians, F15s were scrambled to intercept the object:

U.I.P Summary:

It seems to me that Oregon is a place of interest for our alien friends, if it was a man-made craft or even a meteor, I strongly doubt that F15s would have been sent to intercept it, have a look at this very good website where reporters have managed to obtain a Freedom of Information Act to bring us closer to the truth

Yaz, Mwv



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