President Obamas build up to ‘EXTRATERRESTRIAL DISCLOSURE’

President Obamas build up to ‘EXTRATERRESTRIAL DISCLOSURE’


Last Saturday night(25th April 2015), President Barack Obama gave a joke filled speech at the annual White House Press Correspondents dinner. The news station ‘Fox News’ covered a few of the zingers Obama threw at all and sundry across the partisan political divide. At the very top of Obama’s top ten jokes, according to CNN news channel, was the President’s own personal list of recent executive actions, which he humorously suggested was his (rhymes with) “bucket list” intended as an act of defiance against political opponents to his administration’s policies.  Obama signalled that his ‘bucket list’ of executive actions would grow in the remaining 21 months of his Presidential administration revealing the depth of his frustration against political roadblocks to his policies and legacy. It is very interesting how Obama very randomly visited Stonehenge when he was last over in the UK, which again he put this down to the fact Stonehenge is on his very own Personal Bucket list! (Perhaps his thoughts were on the Aliens at the time and their origins here on earth!?)

Obamas recent 'surprise' visit to Stonehenge.

Obamas recent ‘surprise’ visit to Stonehenge.

Obama and one of his former senior advisers, John Podesta, have recently publicly stated that among the administration’s political frustrations is a lack of progress on the release of classified UFO files concerning extraterrestrial life and technology. These recent statements signal that among the executive orders Obama is contemplating to help establish his Presidential legacy, is decisive action on extraterrestrial disclosure.

At his Saturday night Press Conference speech, Obama said:

“I am determined to make the most of every moment I have left. After the mid-term elections my advisers asked me, “Mr President do you have a bucket list?” I said well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list. Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. New climate regulations? Bucket. It’s the right thing to do.”

A man in the know about to come clean!?

A man in the know about to come clean!?

Back in March 12th 2015, Obama revealed live on the Jimmy Kimmel show that his and previous Presidential administrations have been prevented from releasing the truth about extra-terrestrial life and technology, saying this with a look of a man telling the truth but not meaning to come across like he is. In response to Kimmel’s interesting question about “how he would seek to gain access to UFO files and Area 51 if he were president”, Obama went on to claim:

“The aliens won’t let it happen. You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us”

When Kimmel then went on to protest that President Clinton said he had looked into Area 51 and found nothing, Obama then replied, “That’s what we’re instructed to say.”

Immediately after the show Obama’s comments were pretty much dismissed across the globe as a joke by the mainstream media. HOWEVER, Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, conducted an in-depth forensic analysis of Obama’s body language and speech, and immediately concluded that ‘he was showing great stress in revealing some uncomfortable truths’.

Ben Hansen Ex FBI

Ben Hansen Ex FBI

It’s important to remind you guys (previously posted before HERE!) that on Feb 13, John Podesta, Obama’s counsellor for energy policy and the environment tweeted:

That now Famous Tweet!

That now Famous Tweet!

Podesta’s clear frustration and annoyance over the inability for the Obama administration to gain access to classified UFO files appears almost certainly shared by President Barrack Obama….something which appears clearer and clearer as each day goes by.

Podesta’s now famous statement makes it appear very clear the full context of Obama’s later space alien comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Obama’s direct comment that the space aliens “exercise strict control over us” and Presidents are “instructed” on what to say about alien life is clearly no joke. Obama was making an extremely clear/important admission about how Presidents have been regularly frustrated in their efforts to find the truth about extra-terrestrial life and technology.

Unsurprisingly, there was a few remarks during the White House Press Correspondents dinner reminding the audience about Obama’s March 12 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Comedian Cecily Strong, who followed Obama’s speech with another humour filled speech before the assembled Press corps, said:

“Mr President, thank you so much for taking time away from being on Jimmy Kimmel to be here.”

Was Cecily Strong simply making a cheeky wry comment about the time Obama spent covering a wide range of topics in his Jimmy Kimmy Live appearance, or perhaps, was she tipping off the audience that such appearances are when Obama humorously reveals his true position on the REAL true important issues? The remark was likely coordinated with Obama speech writers who knew what she would say; or even perhaps asked her to insert the remark to allude to the policy significance of his appearance.

What with the Obama administration soon to be winding down over the next 21 months or so, the President has now officially and publicly stated his intent to move forward with executive actions on very important policy issues that he has been frustrated in resolving through the normal legislative process!!

Podesta’s UFO Tweet and Obama’s alien comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live, combined with the President’s April 24 speech, are all very clear signals that Obama is very much contemplating an ‘executive order’ that facilitates disclosure of classified UFO files concerning extra-terrestrial life and technology…..whether you love him or hate him, THIS is what the world wants and needs.

The Truth is coming?

The Truth is coming?


U.I.P Summary

President Obama started off as a man that was going to offer America a new chapter in their History books but sadly his Presidency has not really come to much and he is one of the more disliked Presidents the US have had for a while (U.I.P will sit on the fence here with this).  Perhaps, just perhaps, Obama feels that by bringing Alien Disclosure it will make him the most recognised President EVER…..and lets be honest with ourselves it would be an incredible achievement for any President/Government to bring about Alien Disclosure!

All of the above is an even greater reason why we ALL need to keep pushing for the truth on a daily basis…..the more we push and put pressure on those in Power, the more chance we have of those so-called Leaders of ours wanting to ‘Become the one that TOLD THE WORLD THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ET BEINGS!

Either way we will discover the Truth people…


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