The Scientist That Has Proven Alien UFO’s Have Landed On Earth

When it comes to ET disclosure, it all comes down to PROOF! Well, could this be the evidence that we need to help confirm that we are being visited by Alien beings here on planet earth.  A leading Chemist has now claimed to have proved that an alien spacecraft landed on earth, after investigating a perplexing case for nearly 40 years – something which the Elite appear to be trying to cover up!

Dr Erol Faruk has published the findings of his investigation into a substance left on the ground after a famous UFO sighting in a book which has concluded extraterrestrial activity is the only explanation.

In self-published work, The Compelling Scientific Evidence for UFOs, the British-born chemist of Turkish heritage, examined in detail the Delphos UFO case seen in Kansas, USA, on the evening of November 2 1971.  This case has been kept fairly quiet from the public, for what appears to be very obvious reasons!

It is considered by some alien investigators as one of the most compelling UFO cases on record – due to the scorched ring left in the ground, apparently when the UFO landed – please see image below:

A picture taken by the Johnsons of the ‘glowing ring’ ten minutes after the sighting.

The witness was Ron Johnson, 16, who was tending sheep on his family’s farm with dog Snowball, at about 7pm, when he spotted a six to eight feet diameter mushroom-shaped UFO appearing in the night sky.

It was described as having multi-coloured lights, and hovering about 75 feet away among trees at just a few feet above ground. The UFO then ascended with a blinding light.

He alerted his parents who saw it disappearing from view. But, the family found a glowing ring on the ground where it had landed, and a similar material on trees nearby.

The family said the glow “felt strange, like a slick crust, as if the soil was crystallised,” and Mrs Johnson was left with a numbing anaesthetic sensation on her hand after touching it – almost as if the UFO’s energy had affected the family who were in that particular area.

Some samples of soil, which was said to have a profound water repellent nature from within the ring were sent for analysis and stored in a number of laboratories.Another witness also came forward, a Lester Ensbarger from Minneapolis, who advised Deputy Sheriff Leonard Simpson that at 7.30 pm the same night, he saw a bright light descending in the sky in Delphos.

According to website

“The experience of Ron Johnson is still considered as one of the best documented ‘ground trace’ UFO cases of the past century, and is still unexplainable by any conventional or earthly means.”

Dr Faruk, who admits to a lifelong interest in the UFO phenomenon, focused his work on investigating the chemical make up of the soil from the ring.  He was able to obtain some of the stored solid after requesting it while based at Nottingham University.

The ring left by the ‘Delphos UFO’ 42 months later.

He went on to write that:

“Placing water onto the affected soil was very like placing it onto a glass surface, with the water spontaneously forming into droplets sitting on the surface.”

Although, he remained unable to fully identify the soil compound, he claimed to detect “a highly water-soluble organic compound which is potentially chemiluminescent”. This could have been responsible for the alleged glow seen at the time, he said.

Dr Faruk concluded there were three possible explanations – a hoax, the ring was in fact a fairy ring – a naturally occurring ring of toadstools, or a genuine alien space ship had been seen.  Either way the Doctor could not debunk what is to this day declared an intriguing event and one of which cannot yet be confirmed either way!

Ron Johnson pictured with dog Snowball at the time.

The Doctor confirmed that a hoax was incredibly unlikely, due to the unusual characteristics of the compound, and its elongation towards the wind direction on the night – plus the sighting itself cannot be explained, something which goes hand in hand with the actual physical evidence left behind!

He also ruled out a fungal ring, claiming the “water-soluble alkali metal salt of an organic carboxylic acid” found in the compound would not be produced by a fungi.

This, he said meant the conclusion of a genuine UFO sighting was the most favourable – YES, you read right, and YES this does confirm by a leading scientist that we may very well have the evidence that we need to confirm that we are being visited by beings not of this world.

He wrote:

“A picture begins to emerge as to what possibly happened that evening.

“The hovering object of presently unknown origin appears to have contained within its periphery an aqueous solution of an unstable compound whose likely sole function would be light emission.

“Some of the solution was deposited into the ground while the object positioned itself under a tree (to possibly avoid observation from the air).

“Once enough of this solution was deposited, the object departed after which the Johnson family approached the ring area.”


The book is based largely on a scientific research paper Dr Faruk wrote for publication in a number of scientific journals, but his publication was rejected, not surprisingly when this evidence pretty much proves that we are being visited by other worldly beings – the Elite fear this kind of evidence going public!

Dr Faruk claims that although his report deals with “physical and chemical evidence” as required, he was told it was investigating an “inappropriate” subject matter – Basically being hushed by those who do not want this kind of information out there in the public domain.


You read right ladies and gentleman, a scientist has already pretty much proven that alien beings have landed on planet earth, but guess what? Yep, you guessed right, the Elite do not want us to know the truth about our ET friends and sadly this is something which will carry on for a very long time!

It is important that the masses know about this important piece of evidence as unfortunately UFO sightings which are now being reported daily, do not appear to confirm anything – perhaps its ‘swamp gas’ or a ‘weather balloon’ (military reference for UFO’s).

This is an incredible case, one of which is a rare one as it comes down to science and PROOF – please share this important story!


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