Scientist Warns ‘Pray Aliens DON’T Come To Earth’ – Are The Elite Becoming Scared?

A leading Scientist recently warned humankind that people should hope that aliens don’t visit us on Earth or it will end in DOOM – But could this be yet another game by the Elites, designed to scare the masses and make people believe that ALL ET Beings would be a threat to humanity?

Lucianne Walkowicz, who is a top astrophysicist, predicted that contact with extraterrestrials could spell disaster for mankind.

“There’s a possibility that if we actively message, with the intention of getting the attention of an intelligent civilisation, that the civilisation we contact would not necessarily have our best interests in mind,” she said.

But the scientist at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago appeared to then slightly change her mind and went on to say that spaceships landing may not be all bad!

Aliens may not be friendly towards humans, warned Dr Lucianne Walkowicz

Recently speaking to NBC News, she said that on the other hand there could be “great benefits”, of which appears to be a bit of a mixed message on what to expect from the ET’s!?

She added:

“It could be something that ends life on Earth, and it might be something that accelerates the ability to live quality lives on Earth.

“We have no way of knowing.”

Dr Walkowicz comments come not long after astronomer Seth Shostak recently called for more effort to be made in developing an action plan for dealing with the first contact. Interestingly his comments are also incredibly negative towards the prospects of ET’s actually making direct contact with the human race.

Mr Shostak, who works for non-profit space research group SETI, said that in the event of aliens showing up now, humans would be “like the Neanderthals having a plan in case the US Air Force showed up”.  It is very interesting to note that the US Military in the last couple of years have helped towards funding of SETI.  Could it be that SETI are being instructed to help manipulate the masses on what to expect from the ET’s!?

Mr Shostak went on to say:

“Some people asked me at a conference last week, ‘What plan does the military have to deal with aliens should they land?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know … but to the best of my knowledge, they don’t have a plan,” he told Live Science.

Elite Puppet on a string? Seth Shostak, director of SETI, spoke about the search for extraterrestrial life.

Even more interesting is that fact that World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has made very similar predictions about aliens not being keen on us.

He has previously warned we could see ourselves colonised by a far superior species, but like many other leading scientists out there that work alongside the governments of this world, he also has given mixed opinions on ET contact – please click HERE for more on this story.


Interestingly back in In July 2015, Britain’s most famous scientist actually helped to launch Breakthrough Listen , a 10-year, £64million project funded by US-based Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. (Please click HERE for our previous post on this).  So it does seem a little strange that on the flip side of all this Mr Hawking has given us all a stark warning about the kind of risks Alien beings could pose to us.

It appears that we are getting some very mixed views from the Elite scientists out there – but one thing that they all have in common is the fact that they like to encourage FEAR when it comes to ET contact.



Amazing how some of the most senior of scientists out there like to try to put the fear of god into the masses, when it comes to Alien Beings making direct contact with us.  It is just as well that the vast majority of us have an open mind and can actually see that our current biggest threat to humanity is the Cabal Elites!

These fear mongering messages may have some purpose when it comes to understanding how the ET Beings may present themselves to us, however when you already have a planet which is filled with many different divisions and hatred, this warning could very well encourage many people to not approve of any direct ET contact!

In an infinite Universe ANYTHING is possible and just like humanity, you get good and bad in every walk of life.  So yes, there could very well be ET Beings around us who do not have our best interests at heart, but the big question is WHY do the Elite seem so determined to hide the truth and manipulate our thought process?

It is clear to most of us who have done our research, that there are ET Beings out there that already know we are here and perhaps are already in contact with certain groups of individual on this planet – it is also clear that the Elite DO NOT want us to know what is really going on! (please click HERE for more on this!).


Will the ET’s have their own Agenda for the Human Race? – Art by Raphael Terra @

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