Scientists Believe That THIS Was An Alien Craft Fly By

The strange cigar-shaped-object that recently entered our solar system is “an alien probe with broken engines”, one expert has claimed and  many other top scientists now believe this unknown object was in fact some kind of alien technology, including British Professor Stephen Hawking.

The unknown mysterious entity, which has now been named “Oumuamua”, was firstly believed to be a comet or an asteroid according to Scientists, making this the first of which to have ever entered our solar system from interstellar space!

But it was only on closer inspection of this strange shaped ‘comet’, that top leading scientists, including a group backed by Stephen Hawking, claimed there was something odd about it and are now examining whether it is an alien space ship – interestingly the mainstream media have kept rather quiet about this theory!?

One researcher, Dr Jason Wright of Penn State University is convinced the object is an extra-terrestrial craft, and says the way the object moves suggests its engine has broke.

Oumuamua is currently tumbling through space and the ‘quarter of a mile long object’ is travelling at an INCREDIBLE 196,000mph!

NASA’s impression of Oumuamua


What Oumuamua REALLY is?

In his intriguing blog, Dr Wright writes:

“Such derelict craft would, if they are not travelling so fast that they escape the Galaxy, eventually ‘thermalise’ with the stars and end up drifting around like any other interstellar comet or asteroid.

“In fact, since they (presumably) no longer have attitude control, one would expect that they would eventually begin to tumble, and if they are very rigid that tumbling might distinguish them from ordinary interstellar asteroids… and in fact, just because their propulsion is broken doesn’t mean that their radio transmitters would be broken.”

The associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics adds that the object could be a ‘Von Neumann probe’ which is a hypothetical craft that visits other star systems for potential research!

He then continues:

“Such a discovery would imply that there are lots of these things in the solar system at any given moment (even if they are deliberately targeting the Sun, they are hard to spot and we’ll miss most of them), and so lots of opportunities to study them.”

Aliens out there researching the Universes stars?

A £75million programme that searches for evidence of intelligent life beyond Earth called Breakthrough Listen, led by Stephen Hawking, is attempting to detect evidence of alien technology transmitting from the object. Again the mainstream media are NOT promoting this incredibly important investigation – perhaps this is why the US Government has recently confirmed that they HAVE in deed been researching UFO’s around the planet?

ALPHA CENTAURI – Stephen Hawking Plans To Hunt For The Aliens In Our Local Star System

The Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, who backs Breakthrough Listen, recently went on to say:

“Whether it’s artificial or not, we will definitely know more about this object.”

Andrew Siemion, research centre director at the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) which works alongside Breakthrough Listen, confirmed that they would begin a 10-hour observation for specific signs of alien technology – findings of this investigation have not yet been confirmed!  It will search on the electromagnetic spectrum using the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia.

Dr Siemion said:

“It’s like a radio station you tune into with your car stereo.

“Nature doesn’t broadcast on a very specific frequency, its smears it out across colour and time.

“Technology behaves differently. It can compress electromagnetic energy and so we look for those specific signs and for repeating patterns which nature doesn’t tend to do. We look for structure.”

It appears that this huge unknown object in space is attracting an awful lot of attention from the planets leading scientists, but even if they discover evidence of alien technology, will they be allowed to tell us? Probably not no.


I wanted to write about this story again as it is one of U.I.P’s favorite discoveries that happened towards the end of last year and is STILL being investigated by some of this planets finest researchers and scientists.  Perhaps this is why the US government recently announced (please see below article)that they have recently being investigating the UFO’s visiting planet earth – it is very clear now that the elite can no longer contain the TRUTH from us, because the truth is all around us and watching us DAILY!

Watch this ‘Space’


“Probably Aliens” Confirms Top Physicist, On The Recent US Government UFO Video



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