The Solar Eclipse UFO’s And Mysterious ‘Warning’ Crop Circle

As expected, UFO sightings were dramatically on the UP during the recent Solar Eclipse.  MUFON were inundated with reportings from people who filmed, photographed, or claimed to see UFOs while watching the once in a life time spectacle across wide parts of the US. It appears that our ET friends wanted to be seen!

Many thousands of people aimed their video and camera equipment at the skies as the creepy looking eclipse made its way across the states from the west coast to the east.

It was reported that investigators at MUFON have been sent at least ten sighting reports since immediately after the Eclipse went over the US!

They include one snap which appears to show three disc shaped objects sparing over hills at Scottsbluff National Monument in Nebraska.

The witness report sent to MUFON went on to say:

“Took this picture facing south towards the moon while it was completely covering the sun.

“Nothing was seen in the sky with the naked eye or through the camera viewfinder. 

“The photo shows three dark unidentified objects in formation above the city.”

The witness first thought that they were birds, but felt they were too far away, and no birds were seen at the time of the picture, or anywhere in the area!

They added:

“I did not notice the objects until looking through the photos later in the day. 

“None of the objects seems to look exactly the same. 

“One is long and bullet shaped and the other two have hazy edges.”


Check out the below link:

Please also check out these incredible captures caught on video:

Another photo which includes a dark disc-shaped object was taken in Ohio during the eclipse! The witness simply said in their report: “Grey object bottom left-hand corner of picture.” (check video/link above).

Another eye witness in Denver, Colorado, photographed a dark object in an eclipse picture.

They said in their report:

“I was in my backyard snapping pictures of the sky during the solar eclipse. I didn’t notice the object until I went back to review the pictures a few minutes after I took the picture.

“When I first saw the dot on the picture I thought maybe it was a bird because of the colour then I zoomed in on it.

When I saw the up close picture at first, I was a little scared than excited at the fact that I may have caught a UFO in a picture.

“I showed all my kids and they agreed that it’s a UFO.”

Some more incredible footage captured on camera:

It appears that the ET’s wanted to be seen on this day, whilst millions of humans were looking upwards towards the sky!

Also, just a short distance from the London Southend Airport, a strange crop circle appeared just days before the solar eclipse darkened the US.  The crop circle shows a tripod containing what appears to be “very strange or ancient language”

The crop circle shows a tripod containing what appears to be “very strange or ancient language”

Many people believe that it is a message from aliens, who were attempting to make contact with Earth to coincide with the solar eclipse. Perhaps telling the planet to look up and be aware of what is to come!?

It has been suggested that local people were responsible for the crop circle, although no evidence has been provided of this to date!

Check out this incredible video below, decoding the crop circles:



It is interesting that Nick Pope, former British MOD employee who used to investigate UFO’s for the Government, stated before the Eclipse that there will be many UFO’s reported at the time.  Sadly for Nick he also suggested publicly that these sightings will mostly be made out of nothing and instead of respecting the fact that more people will be looking up to the skies, which ill increase the chances of more sightings, he went on to state:

“Past experience suggests there will be an upsurge in UFO sightings during the total eclipse. “I suspect many of these will turn out to be news helicopters filming the crowds, or drones flown by amateur photographers, and maybe the sightings occur simply because more people are looking at the sky. 

“But don’t be surprised if Monday’s eclipse results in hundreds of UFO sightings all across America.”

Unfortunately it appears that a man such as Mr Pope who is most definitely reaping the rewards from the ufology world, yet again dismisses that anything witnessed in the skies above us could be anything but man-made – perhaps he should become an expert in plane spotting!?

The simple truth of the matter is, when significant events occur in the skies above us, the ET’s appear to want to show themselves to the world more than ever – perhaps it is their way of ‘awakening’ the non-believers and sheep of this planet!?

Please let us know if YOU spotted a UFO during the Solar Eclipse?


One of the clear UFO sightings during the eclipse

ANOTHER clear ‘cube-shaped’ sighting!

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