Many people around the world call it ‘The Hum,’ a phrase coined by the geoscientist David Deming of the University of Oklahoma to describe the ‘mysterious and untraceable sound that is heard in certain locations around the world by two to ten percent of the population.’ The noises might vary from roaring sounds in the middle of the night, to prolonged periods of noise which sound like intense industrial activity taking place in the sky (something which I have personally heard myself back in 2012 – MWV). Most unusually of all, ordinary people in cities such as York in England have claimed to hear trumpet horns coming from the sky playing chilling bars of ‘music’.


Now Slovakia has become the very latest location to hear these incredibly bizarre and completely inexplicable noises, which have been recorded on video.

Please check out the video below:

Check out the video below of the strange industrial type metallic which I witnessed myself back in 2012 – over a period of a month and over a distance of up to a 100 miles:

As of yet, not one person has been able to offer a completely coherent explanation for these mysterious sounds. Some have suggested that the chilling noises might be caused by changes in the Earth’s core which could eventually lead to a complete polar shift. However, aside from speculation, there is little evidence to suggest that this particular theory is true. According to Deming, they may well be caused by enormous amounts of collated feedback from telephone transmissions and aircraft which are operated by the United States Navy to communicate with submarines. However, this explanation is deemed to fall short as these noises became particularly apparent in 2011 and 2012 and if Deming is correct, there should have been previous indications of this feedback reaction before this period. It has also been suggested that these sounds are caused by solar flares hitting the earths atmosphere, also known as ‘sky quakes’?!

MANY people from around the world have even suggested that the noise could be being caused by projects such as the HAARP weapons program, which is believed to be dedicated to working on high-tech weather modification technology. If this particular explanation is correct, it could not explain not only the unusual noises but also why they are so often accompanied by a bizarre phenomenon in the sky, such as those which have been detected in Slovakia in recent months.

Please check out our article on HAARP, something of which the United States have accepted its authenticity –

Please check out below some of the strange sights being witnessed in the sky around the world:


Mysterious shadow figure walking on clouds plane passenger (3)

Please check out some more startlingly videos recorded from Slovakia of these yet UNKNOWN strange sounds in the sky!


The strange sounds in the sky, no matter what, are a VERY real/true story and something that I have witnessed myself back in 2012 (apparently when the world was supposed to end!?).  There has NEVER been a straight answer to what is causing these unknown creepy sounds and it was causing that much tension throughout the planet that people were beginning to demand answers from their governments – who probably know the TRUTH but are not permitted or want to confirm exactly what they are!

It has even been suggested that these strange sounds in the sky are caused by Aliens and possibly cloaked crafts travelling above earth! No matter what these strange sounds are, they are very real and very much BACK!

Have you ever heard these strange sounds in the sky before?


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