Strange Daytime Lit Up City/Hologram Looking Moon – Captured By U.I.P Creator

It was on Monday 28th August at approximately 6.30pm that I suddenly felt the urge to take a photo of the incredible looking daytime moon which was lingering in the sky above me.  After grabbing my P900 powerful zoom camera, I suddenly noticed afterwards there was something incredibly ‘strange’ about the photo I had taken!

The moon on the left hand-side of the photo appeared to have a lit up area, very much like looking at huge brightly lit up cities from the international space station (please see image below).  I showed this image to some of my close friends and colleagues and they even suggested that it gave the moon I kind of ‘hologram’ look about it.

This could be something and it could be absolutely nothing, but I just felt that this intriguing capture I took deserved a share with everybody why may appreciate this incredibly bizarre capture!

Looking similar – cities here on earth captured by the ISS.

Lets not forget that for a long time since people have started studying the moon, it has been suggested that there may even be alien activity or crafts on it – please check out some of our previous posts below on this area:

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Whistleblower: Huge ET Crafts hiding behind the Moon

Check out a close up of these strange brightly lit up areas of the moon:

Zoomed in


Again this could be something and could be nothing and if anything I just loved this image and how surreal it looked so thought I would share with you all!

But lets not forget that a FORMER NASA consultant claims he saw staff from the US space agency editing “UFOs” out of images of the Moon before they were released to the public. Dr Ken Johnston Sr was a consultant employed by Brown & Root in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, of the NASA Johnson Center in 1971. Check out some of his images and video below – makes you wonder?

MWV UIP Creator

Original article on the strange hidden structures on the moon:

NASA’s Whistleblower

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