“Strange Sounds From Space Are Probably Aliens” – Confirms Top Scientists

It is amazing what the media and elites try to hide from us and don’t report in the press, as just Recently leading scientists have heard unusual messages from the most distant stars in the observable universe, that they now all think are coming from advanced extra-terrestrial. Upon recent new analysis of strange modulations in a tiny set of stars, 234 out of 2.5 million stars that have been observed during past surveyance of the sky, new evidence has been found that this tiny fraction of stars is behaving incredibly odd.


This recent study reports the finding of specific modulations in just 234 out of the 2.5 million stars that have been observed during a survey of the sky. This particularly IMPORTANT work found that a tiny fraction of them seemed to be behaving very strangely. There were no obvious explanations which have been concluded for what is going on out there, leaving the scientists observing these phenomena theorizing that aliens are in fact trying to alert us to their existence – but who, what and why are they trying to make contact?

“We find that the detected signals have exactly the shape of an [extraterrestrial intelligence] signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore in agreement with this hypothesis, ” write EF Borra and E Trottier in a new paper on this study. 

Please check out some of the findings in the video below:

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has recently published the journal under the title ‘Discovery of peculiar periodic spectral modulations in a small fraction of solar-type stars’. It is very interesting that originally it was suggested that it should be named ‘Signals probably from Extraterrestrial Intelligence,’ according to a pre-print version of the paper hosted online – it appears that somebody was not happy with how this information was going to be presented to the general public!

Not surprisingly, like with nearly all scientific theories, more further research will need to be completed in order to confirm or deny that hypothesis. The way that this will be done is by watching for the same signals using numerous different types of technology, so that many other possibilities of what it could be can be eliminated. Although we will probably never officially be told what the true findings really were!

Earlier last year an initiative called ‘breakthrough listen’ was set up to search for alien life which has even been supported by both Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg. Although they agree this news is promising, they also state that further evidence must be found before these signals can be “unequivocally attributed” to aliens.

“The one in 10,000 objects with unusual spectra seen by Borra and Trottier are certainly worthy of additional study, ” the team said in a statement. “However, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

In fact, Internationally agreed-upon protocols for searches for evidence of advanced life beyond Earth (SETI) require anomalies to be confirmed by independent groups using their telescopes, and extraterrestrial agents can only be considered as an explanation when all natural phenomena are ruled out. Sadly most unusual findings such as this are put down to some kind of natural phenomena, even though no true reasons behind this are ever given – but is it a surprise that the elite never give us any official TRUE answers??

Something calling out to us?


I think it explains it all when important stories like this don’t make the news headlines! Much like other recent significant findings, like the potential Dyson Sphere structure that has been found in space, or the time that the voyager probe was taken over by aliens – each and every time these HUGE stories never make the BREAKING NEWS headlines, and this is just a few examples!

The reason these incredible discoveries are hidden, is because the elite don’t like the idea of us discovering the fact that they have been consistently lying to us about what is REALLY going on out there. The elite are also scared about losing the control over us all, which makes a lot of sense because think of the possibilities that the ET’s could bring to us – the opportunities to explore the universe and cure killer diseases!?

There are many stories/research out there on alien signals being heard from space. It has even been suggested that some signals may actually be used by ET’s to power their massive crafts through the deepest darkest depths of space (please see our article below on this):

Top Physicists Now Believe That Mystery Radio Bursts Are Powering ET Spaceships

NASA and co put most things down to natural phenomenons, but it appears that the world’s top leading scientists have had enough and they want to push out the truth on what is really going on out there and all around us!

Announcements like this are HUGE and cannot be dismissed or ignored!


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