Stunning Alien-Like Technological Inventions

For any race to reach us from the depths of outer space, their levels of technological development would have to be formidable. Here on Earth scientists are also working on trying to move technology forward. Let’s take a look at some alien-like technological innovations that we might share with a species from beyond our solar system.


Railgun technology has been in development for years. In principle the device works by using electromagnetic energy to shoot projectiles at a high speed along a pair of conductive rails. When implemented, this could fire projectiles that far exceed the speed and muzzle velocity of conventionally known weaponry with surgical accuracy. The principle could be applied to a weapon of any size, from, say, a ship-mounted launcher or orbital weapons platform, or a small arms-style sniper rifle.


Something the military is spending a lot of money and manpower on, exoskeletons could be on our battlefields sooner than we think. Already, current infantry and special forces have many aspects of their uniform digitised, with GPS and video-link functions with the list of all casinos here. Exoskeletons could help with everything from limb-augmentation to body armour and hazard detection. While there are challenges, mainly centred around developing sustainable power sources, exoskeleton application in military and civilian life is sure to become a reality soon.

Healing Crystals

Harnessing the power of incredibly potent vibration frequencies, healing crystals deliver massive doses of positive energy at the user. Despite scepticism from the mainstream media, healing crystals really do work. Ultralight beams and sonic restoration vectors deliver positive orgones at a rate of knots, rendering harmful free radical menaces impotent. These crystals can be located in the sorts of retail establishments that peddle books of magic, wiccan lifestyles manuals, gypsy fortune telling cards and other stunning alien-like technologies.

Missile Defence Systems

Missile defence grids use incredible technologies to shoot down dangerous ballistic missiles being fired by the enemy. Smaller, higher velocity anti-missiles track and destroy incoming projectiles by intercepting them on their projected flight paths. Super dangerous! If Earth was to face an invasion from a massive intergalactic strike force, could current missile defence technologies take out cosmic payloads from outer space? The answer is probably a no. Still, the technology is stunning, nonetheless.

Mind Links

Yes, you heard correctly, devastating mind link technology is here, and it’s real! Mind link technology works by using psionic implant sensors to transfer tactile sensory input data between one or more people. Imagine, if you will, seeing a beautiful summer’s day. Now, imagine being in a unlicensed boiler room medical practice, and seeing that beautiful vista through another’s eyes, while you stay connected to them in an induced coma, as the “doctor” analyses your vital signs. We are living in interesting times, my friends.

Guest writer – Kaya Johnson

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