The Creepy ALIEN Codes Being Messaged Around The Globe – Links To Aliens And End Of The World?

A series of creepy and mysterious cryptic voicemails which is being left on the answerphones of MANY Twitter user’s mobile phones, has sparked a somewhat meltdown. The apocalyptical message which comes in the form of an eerie robotic voice also includes a strange code that people have been trying to crack – many having now linked this code to the Malysian missing Flight flight MH370 and a potential alien warning!?

There has been a fair bit of fear and paranoia being sparked up among many after claims that this could be a clue to what happened to the missing Malaysian flight  MH370, the truth about aliens and the date of the end of the world!


The strange mysterious code is said to be in the NATO phonetic alphabet and has been translated as: “S Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be caution they are not human 042933964230 SOS Danger SOS.”

Others have since received a longer version of the message.

The extended version says:

“This is not a test, this is not a joke. Over the past several years we have been wanting to send an automated voice message to people who understand and are not afraid.

“One message at a time will make many know the truth. The truth that other biological beings have been walking the supreme creation that sustains life. Earth.

“But as chaos comes to your planet we must show ourselves to prove that there are different ways to keep peace. Many do not agree with what we say, so they may hunt us down.

“We will make ourselves known to the best of our utmost capabilities. Clear your air space for safe consequences.”

The very first person to apparently post the shorter message was a Twitter user called Ty. On March 13, he posted the recording, asking for help to translate it. The message again featured a robotic voice droning out an automated message in NATO’s phonetic alphabet.

The cryptic code broken down translated to:

“S Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be caution they are not human 042933964230 SOS Danger SOS.”

But many users have now claimedthat the numbers are a set of coordinates which, when plugged into Google Maps, led to one location in Africa and another near Malaysia.

The latter, many users noted, was “very close” to where Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 vanished from radar, leading to speculation the voicemail was a recording of the doomed plane’s encounter with an alien craft.

This strange post appears to have started with Ty, an ordinary Twitter user with no apparent prior interest in conspiracy theories.

On March 13, Ty posted a recording of a voicemail message he received on his phone and asked for help translating it.

In a post retweeted more than 6000 times, user Gio de Loera said: “Are you saying that Malaysia Flight 370 encountered something non-human???”

User Tyelashe responded: “It’s a police code. It says ‘Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate. Be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS”.

Ty also posted unsettling direct messages he had been receiving on his Twitter account, one in Indonesian, another in Malay, a couple in Morse code and one which appeared to be five groupings of numbers: “ 1.18.5 41818”.

The Indonesian message, when run through Google translate, turned out to be this warning:

“End the post you just shared about the recording in your phone.”

Several users translated the number sequences and Morse code to read: “They are taking over.”

Ty’s post has received more than seven million and he has also gained more than 40,000 extra followers!

A few days before he posted the message, he tweeted that a strange man drove past his home at 3am and photographed it with a flash – He now understandably thinks that these creepy strange events are connected and his life now be at risk!

Soon after this event, many others came out to confirm that they also received the message or the longer one! Unsurprisingly, the messages have now sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories about what was being warned and it has even now been linked to a warning previously suggested by the late great Professor Stephen Hawking.

                                                   The Alien Connection?

Some code crackers said the code came up with coordinates which, produced on Google locations in Africa and near Malaysia. Many researchers then speculated the latter was near where Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 vanished from radar – could the missing flight have been in danger after an alien encounter on board the passenger plane??

Some users cracked the mysterious code with a strange message about the late scientist Stephen Hawking.

This allegedly said:

“They are taking over.

“The message received is well related to Stephen Hawking’s death, you are not ready to face them.”

Many have said the numerical sequences give April 18 this year as the of day of reckoning, rapture, or “alien take over”. It has been suggested that even if the world doesn’t end on the 18th April 2018 could something else be happening on that date, something which we may not even be aware of at first?

However, there are indications that the messages are part of an alternate reality, a complex puzzle similar to Cicada 3301, which ran for years before it was reportedly cracked in 2014.

A Twitter account called 914, run by someone with the handle @LunarrRabbits, has a pinned tweet dated March 17 which suggests that might be the case.

It reads: “This Event is no were related to catastrophic events, 18 april is definitely safe, all other accounts are impersonating, reason to hold this event is to help people solve an upcoming global cicada event, reason to hold this event is to aware people with knowledge.”

No matter what these messages are, they have not as of yet been debunked or claimed as glorified hoaxes.


Well this is a very creepy story that is going around the planet. We have tried communicating with some of these people who have received these messages, but they have refused to talk and appear very nervous about this whole situation.

Personally I feel that until they find the missing flight MH 370 (even if they do I wouldn’t trust the elite) there is a very good case leaning towards alien activity! Yes, the oceans are stupidly deep but I do NOT believe that they cannot find any TRUE form of evidence to suggest what happened to this plane and it’s passengers. In fact I would go as far as to say that it is all utter bullshit and it wouldn’t surprise me if the world governments are now getting incredibly nervous about these strange messages.

Pilots and passengers all over the planet are witnessing UFO’s following them (please check out our latest article below). Think about it, the perfect way to take human beings in a large group in a situation they cannot get out of is by taking a plane from out of the sky – This situation is no longer a joking matter!

The Huge UFO That Shadowed Two Passenger Planes – The TRUTH Is Coming

I remember seeing a video soon after the missing MH 370 event and it appeared to show two orbs circling a plane before a huge flash of light and the plane vanishes, alongside the two UFO’s. This video is very strange and when the night vision is turned on it appears very real! I am not saying this is a 100% legit, but what I can say is that alien interaction is now incredibly plausible when it comes to the case of the missing flight MH370.

We will keep you updates on this story!





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