The Extraterrestrial Cigar Shaped Craft, Discovered On A South Atlantic Island?

Google Earth has recently been the center of attention for many UFO Truth seekers after a mysterious object which appears to be some kind of crash-landed  alien craft, has been doing the rounds across the internet.  You can even see a trail behind it, which appears to show that the potential craft crashed through a nearby mountain – as of yet this has NOT been debunked!

Many leading UFO researchers have been using satellite mapping to zoom in and look at the alleged spaceship, near the 10,000ft tall Mount Paget. You can clearly see like an artificial trail coming from behind the huge crashed looking object.  Researchers have also suggested that the length of this object is in the region of 63 meters!!!

The nearby tracks suggest the irregular-shaped object had slid through the snow prior to arriving at the final resting place on the icy island, not far from Antarctica. It has been suggested that this is/was a huge block of ice, which fell off the mountain after an avalanche the day previous to this image being taken – but a 1,000 metres is long way for a huge piece of ice to travel, leaving a perfect trail behind it!

Since it was uploaded onto the internet, the video has been viewed more than 420,000 times, attracting almost 6,000 comments in just a week!

Many people have agreed that this could be an alien spaceship. A Frank Lucas wrote:

“That definitely looks like something was airborne and definitely crashed into that mountain.”

Meanwhile James Carter said:

“The Georgia island object is definitely not anything we can explain from looking through satellite imagery.”

Another Youtube user, Tom Brown, suggested:

“This could actually be a rocket or the left overs of a rocket. It could also be a missile that was fired for testing purposes.

“It could even be a human-made airplane or aircraft of some sort.

“Governments all around the world do all kinds of testing with air crafts for modern warfare and the perfect place to hide one that didn’t work out would be on a small island that is near a continent no one is allowed to explore.”

South Georgia Island is part of the British Overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Picture: Google Earth)

There have also been many others who believe that this could be some kind of rock formation which has broken away from the mountain behind it.  Another government funded researcher Dave Petley, pro-vice-chancellor (research and innovation) at the University of Sheffield has stepped forward to claim the object broke off a nearby mountain and slid through the snow. On his blog, he wrote:

‘This is conventional landslide behavior on snow and ice covered surfaces, and we have seen other large isolated boulders travel long distances.’

Although this theory has not been confirmed either – interesting how government figures always confirm that it’s nothing ALIEN!?!?

Whatever this incredible look object it is, one thing is for sure that it needs far more research to be able to confirm exactly what it is. Ideally we need boots on the ground to look at this huge object face to face, although this is not the easiest part of the world to travel to.

Did the ‘mass’ slide down or out of the mountain?


U.I.P Summary

Now THIS is a very interesting story which has recently come about.  Of course this object could be a large piece of rock or ice that slid off the nearby mountain (before any self proclaimed UFO debunkers/trolls start abusing us!) HOWEVER just look at the shape of the huge object and the perfect trail it left behind it!

When you watch the video it almost appears as if the object has crashed through the mountain! Of course this could be something out of nothing, but it’s important for us to cover off these stories with you as nothing has yet been confirmed what it is and the elite like to debunk pretty much everything!

We are going to do some more research into this intriguing story.









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