Tiwanaku Puma Punku Giants – An Advanced Ancient Civilisation?


One of the rarely published or focused upon ancient city’s in the archaeological world of main stream media is ancient city of Tiwanaku and its counterpart Puma Punku situated in the Bolivian Andes. An iconic site for the ancient alien theorist or should I say those that think outside of religious teachings and the ancient archaeological timeline. These city’s or city where built in what is recognised as the stone age but Puma Punku shows stone work that cannot be produced today by master stone masons.


One archeologist Dr Edmund Kiss spent 9 years carrying out research in the Highlands of the Andes found the “Gateway to the Sun.” Cut from a single andersite block weighin 10 tons. It stands 12 foot high and 13 foot long.

For Edmund Kiss the engravings upon it represented a calendar.

This calendar could read the solstice, the equinoxes, every day of the year, the position of the moon every hour and all the data took into account the rotation of the earth.

The Gateway to the sun

Kiss insisted “The people who invented the calendar belonged to a higher civilisation then ours.” And it was incontrovertible scientific evidence according to his calculations Tiwanaku was built around 27 000 years BC.

Modern archeologist date the site around 15 000 BC still in the stone age and have also documented the calendar on the gateway to the Sun.

In the sunken temple of Tiawanaku there are a hundred plus faces carve in stone around the walls. Amongst these are two that appear to represent the grey aliens.

The faces of MAN


One of the two grey alien heads

Puma Punku

This archaeological site is a paradox in itself. Made up of diorite and andersite blocks believed by modern archaeologist to have been cut some 60km away. The puma punku site looks as if there was a massive explosion that blew it apart.

Some of the blocks are up to 26 feet long and weigh up up to 136 tons  and cut with such precision that they cannot be replicated with modern technology.

Puma Punku

There are right angle edges, dove tail joints, perfectly straight lines, interlocking blocks, drill holes precisely spaced apart and of course the H blocks which are so precisely cut that they all measure up identically and the recces are where the dovetail and interlocking joints are found. The surfaces have been honed and polished. This type of stone work is unique on this earth and is not found at any other archaeological site on this earth.

This is also evidence of a sophisticated level of planning and construction and shows a great intelligence possibly far greater then our own.

Brien Foerster author of The enigma of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku describe the blocks like a giant lego pieces that all interlock together. This brings questions to mind.

How did ancient man using primitive tools (at best made from copper) cut these stones?

How did they transport the gigantic stone blocks and move them into place?

These sites are found 20000 feet above sea level which is well above the tree line so the log rolling to transport Stone blocks theory falls by the wayside.

The Legends

The legends of the Bolivian locals say that Viracoha the great creator god of the Inca’s.Rose up from the depths of lake Titicaca to create the Sun and the stars and mankind. He went to Tiwanaku and brought civilisation to that part of the world. He then went to Puma Punku and made men and women from stone and took them to the four corners of the earth to spread their seed.

Another legend says that Puma Punku was constructed in a night by giants. And that the stone blocks where moved by the sound of a trumpet after a great cataclysm and flood.

 Yes there has been evidence found in the region that suggest a global flood of biblical proportions. There are sea sediments to be found at 2.5 miles above sea level near the site. Rest assured there has been technology researched that proves through the vibration you cane levitate objects of mass. This experiment was first done by a Canadian researcher John Hutchinson hence the name the Hutchinson effect. He was an interesting researcher who also talked about zero point energy. Here’s a excellent interview with him explains this effect and zero point energy.

Fuente magna bowl.

Now this is where modern archeologist like to ignore the discovery as this blows the ancient archeological time line apart
Discovered by a farmer by lake titikaka near Tiawanaku and Puma Punku in the 1950s.
It is a ceramic bowl that contains Sumerian cuneiform Texts and also proto Sumerian hieroglyphs.

Evidence that people on opposite sides of the world where in contact with each other in the stone age. Stone age people where not seafarers at best had canoes.

What or how could cuneiform text used by  the ancient people of sumer and proto sumerian text be found in the Bolivian Andes on the other side of the world?

The translation of the Fuente magna bowl can be found online.



 While researching this article I came across an amazing photograph of the statues at Puma Punku ruins I honestly don’t know what it is but I do know what it resembles. I’ll leave this for you to come to your own conclusion.

Puma Punku statue


 For those that think giants are just a myth ill give you a few ancient texts referances let’s start with the bible. Genesis 6:4  Samuel chapters4 to 7 the book of Joshua book of chronicals.

The Greek ancient sagas for example Homer’s odyssey, the Agron Attica and Hercales all speak of giants. The apocryphal texts with the book of enoch and the book of Baruch Gilgamesh. The sumerian cuneiform texts. The Popol Vuh of the K’iche’ Maya. There are many more.

OK, what about scientific evidence?

Palaeontologist Wolf-Dieter Heinrich from the Berlin museum for natural history found petrified remains from the late Jurassic period in the famous Tend a guru fossil layers in Tanzania.

Evolutionist biologist professor Robert Martin from the field museum of natural history in Chicago conducted molecular genetic testing and confirmed “Humans and other primates evolved around 90 million years ago. Accordingly, the ancestors of gorillas, chimpanzees and humans lived side by side with the dinosaurs and really only began their evolution after the dinosaurs extinction”

There is a lot more evidence that has been discovered that points towards Giants Roaming the earth. Here is a previous article I wrote on this subject.


U.I.P Summary

This articles reseach  has been interesting to say the least. Whether your an Ancient Alien theorist, Historian, Religious theologist or just a archeological researcher all must admit something very important and highly advanced was happening at Tiwanaku and Puma Punku in the distant past. With planning and engineering out side the apparent abilities of our ancestors or modern day man.

It reminded me of the cargo cults of the Pacific war. Where american armed forces arrived on the pacific islands to find tribal people. They enlisted there help clearing the forest for runways and traded food and modern trinkets for their services.

When the war finally finished the soldiers left taking their machinery (planes) with them. A few years later expeditions arrived at these islands and found the tribal people praying to wooden effigies of the planes that brought the food and other modern luxury’s to the tribal people.

Cargo cult

Which makes me wonder are we an extraterrestrial cargo cult?

No one really knows.

 What I do know is that this is all ignored by the mainstream archaeological time line. The archaeological site is dated in the stone age and has had excavation and some rebuilding at Tiwanaku.

This is undeniable evidence of highly advanced engineer skills at work. A civilisation with world wide contact. And more story’s of giants on this earth. Originally qaI wrote this article to focus primarily on the city’s but the more you look into these ancient places the more I find story’s of giants.

Peace and love


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