U.I.P’s FB Manager Witnesses Large ‘RED ORB’ Near The Moon – Sighting Report


U.I.P’s Facebook Manager has recently caught something rather incredible on his powerful telescope and the good news is that he managed to talk a photo of it to show the world.

There are many strange sightings being seen in and around the moon (witnessed by myself too) and many people believe that the moon has an Alien base on it – an ideal location for the ET’s to watch over us all!

Please read Yaz’s sighting report and check out some of his great photos below.



Date of Sighting: 22nd May 2016

Location of Sighting: Harrogate, England

Brief Description: Large orb in space

Full Description: I was taking pictures of the moon with my scope, a Celsetron CPC 800 GPS (XLT) it was during daylight so I shouldn’t have seen anything else apart from the sun and a little part of the moon, I took pictures with maybe 3 to 5 seconds time-lapse and a short exposure. I then played with them, zooming in, changing the contrast, the temperature, etc.. Then I found a rather large orb! It was definitely travelling very fast as when zoomed in at 50% it was 5 inches away from the moon on the picture, then 3 to 5 seconds later, it’s only 2 inches away!! I’m not sure about its size but I would think it was rather big and vey fast

Appearance: Orange / Red Orb – Like the ones being seen across the world!

Size: Maybe 1 mile wide, maybe more

Day/Night: Daytime

Time: 11.00 am

Surroundings: Rural area

Duration: Didn’t see it until I zoomed in on the pictures

Witnesses: 1

Explanations: No

Reported Previously: Yes, UIP admin team

Views: Avid researcher and ufologist

Background: Operations Manager

Display Name on Website: Yes

Location of Submitter: Harrogate

Submitter Age: 40

Please see some of Yaz’s images below:



Orb to the right!



Huge Red Orb caught on Camera through Yaz’s powerful telescope!

And of course the powerful Telescope that captured this bizarre Orb-like object next to the moon:


Orbs are being seen all over the world. Please see below some more stories that we have covered on these unknown HUGE objects:

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MWV, Yaz

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