U.I.P’s World Of Orbs

Orbs are very real, evasive, mysterious and with unknown origins.

Although they can be mistaken for man-made objects like Chinese Lanterns, flares or even drones.

Some people have witnessed “spiritual” orbs inside their own homes, is this a sign of life after death or just specs of dust flying around? We may never know..

1: These were filmed very recently in Charleroi, Belgium:


2: Looks like this one is after some kind of energy boost?


3: The very famous Jerusalem Incident in 2011, governments shills have tried to say it was fake, they didn’t count on having this one filmed from different angles:

4: Sometimes they even multiply by releasing multiple orbs:

5: Night vision equipment is an excellent tool to catch them, some incredible footage there:

U.I.P Summary:

There’s no denying their existence, but we have to be careful and make sure we don’t mistake them for something else, it’s easily done! What are they though? Spy spheres from a mothership? Biological entities? Inter-dimensional crafts? The mystery remains.

Yaz, Mwv

Above is my very own orbs sighting in Paris, they grouped together to formed a huge craft (photos published in Paris-Match along many other popular magazines)


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