When UFOs Appear On Live TV


We do enjoy sightings from our alien friends, but to do so we have to use equipment, be very patient, and possibly getting pains in the neck because of looking in the sky for too long!

Or, we can just sit comfortably in our living room and wait for them to appear on live TV:

Capitol Building Washington:


Las Vegas:

South of France:

One of my favourites, London UK:

Lincoln, Nebraska:




Acre State, Brazil:

Newcastle (great city to party btw!), UK:

Montreal, Canada:

U.I.P Summary:

Aliens don’t seem to care anymore if they’re seen or not, which is very good! It’s a sign that the powers censoring their presence are losing this battle of visual censorship! Seems to me like the aliens are giving them the middle finger and telling them to F… Off

Yaz, Mwv








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