UK Fighter Jets Scrambled To Intercept UFO’s Rising From The North Sea – Witnessed By MANY!




It was recently reported in the British media that loud sonic Booms were heard over Yorkshire England, with rumours indicating that that these were British Eurofighter jets responding to UFO’s merging across the North Sea.

Many panicked members of the public heard, including YAZ from the U.I.P Team heard loud deafening explosions in the sky over West and South Yorkshire on Monday 2nd May! The loud explosions were confirmed by the British Royal Air Force as to being Sonic Booms created by Eurofighter jets after they were sent to escort an AirFrance flight from Paris to Newcastle after reports of that the plane was unresponsive – Nothing YET has been confirmed about this supposed plane!

The website, What Does It Mean claims the planes were actually scrambled to intercept a UFO that rose from the sea. Writer Sorcha Faal said:

“An extraordinary Ministry of Defence report circulating in the Kremlin states that a squadron of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft were the cause of the “mass panic event” that occurred in Northern England after these planes were scrambled to intercept a “mysterious object” (UFO?) that had risen out of the sea.

“When met by these fighter aircraft (it) was fired upon by them causing it to then “disappear/realign.”

Interestingly when you actually listen to the supposed ‘sonic booms’ they actually sound more like some ‘explosions’ in the sky! Check out the video below:

The writer claims the sound of the planes intercepting the object made people believe World War Three was beginning.  Faal also asserts the Ministry of Defence banned newspapers from reporting on the ‘truth’ behind the incident and invented the Air France story.

The residents across Doncaster UK and huge areas of Yorkshire reported hearing “massive explosions” shortly after 9.45pm on Monday after the jets went supersonic over the town en route to the north east. Dozens of people took to social media shortly before 10pm tonight to report hearing loud bangs.

One eye witness, Jack McGuire said:

“That massive bang then was mad, genuinely thought we were under attack. Huge explosion in Leeds then, was sure we were being invaded.”

They actually complained that the two explosions shook their houses and even broke windows.

Lisa Gair said:

“Our whole house shook and I’m still trembling. What was that explosion in Leeds? #leedsbigbang “

The loud noise was reported to a number of emergency services in the area, including the fire and police service.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Reports of explosion heard in Selby area. After consulting with other emergency services this appears to have been caused by a sonic boom.”

It is very interesting how QUICKLY this response was given to the public – almost feels like an immediate cover up!?

But North Yorkshire Police said the RAF had confirmed the noise was a sonic boom and posed no danger to the public. It tweeted: “Numerous reports of loud bangs across the county, believed to be sonic booms from an aircraft. Inquiries ongoing, no danger to the public.”

The went on to tweet:

 “Confirmation from RAF that loud bangs heard across the county were sonic booms from RAF Typhoon jets. No cause for concern.”

They even produced a map of the route the fighter jets took:


The RAF confirmed the sound was made by two Typhoon jets that were launched to check up on a plane heading for Newcastle Airport that went off course.

An RAF spokesman said: “Quick reaction alert Typhoon aircraft were launched from RAF Coningsby to identify unresponsive civilian plane.

“Communications were re-established and the aircraft has been safely landed.”

The interesting thing is that this plane has still not been OFFICIALLY identified!?



People may say “Hell this was no call out to a UFO!” BUT its important to remember that many strange sightings are being reported by pilots! Please check out some intriguing videos below of fighter jets coming face to face with UFOs:

Below is one of U.I.P’s favourites of three fighter jets TRYING to keep up with an Orb like UFO:


This is some intriguing footage:



Please also check out a recent article we did on an ORB(s) being followed by a British Gunship above RENDLESHAM FOREST – a great capture and one that still has not been debunked:

One of the most interesting factors of this unusual story is the amount of people and witnesses who believe that UFO’s were involved with this incident.  One of the U.I.P Team members was recently in discussion with a newspaper and the response he receive was very interesting indeed.  Many people believe that there was NO plane and that this can also be proven as no official details have been given of this aircraft – it appears that ‘something’ created a reaction of the British Military that required an immediate AGGRESSIVE response!

We will keep you updated with this story.

MWV, Yaz




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