Yet MORE Fleet Of Orbs Witnessed Around The Planet!

Orbs  ~ Strange large pulsing balls of light that appear to be ‘controlled’ and being witnessed all over the planet! In some new baffling footage, a line of bright lights is seen flying through clouds, almost like they are flying in formation.

Moments later, another similar object appears just above the first. The cameraman who filmed the incident – in British Columbia, Canada – claimed the aircraft were completely silent and moved like something which was not man-made!

“I thought they were some sort of flares or even military aircraft doing some sort of exercise,” the dad-of-three said.

“But there is no Air Force bases in the area so I knew they were not any of conventional military aircraft.

“The objects that I was observing were absolutely silent.

“Given the way these object were moving in the sky, I then realised that what I was witnessing was not a normal or easily explainable occurrence and was most likely Extra Terrestrial in nature.”

He then went on to say the objects “were extremely bright in the sky” and that “they were neither planes of any type or birds.”

Please check out the incredible footage below:

Apparently a government official started that “The objects appeared to be light reflected from off a flock of birds wings that were high enough to catch the sun’s rays.”

REFLECTIVE BIRDS!?! Whatever next…

As mentioned in my article yesterday, these Orbs are being witnessed all over the planet, including in the UK not too far away from me in Bristol.  Check out below the similar formation they appear to be flying in – almost in some kind of set formation.



These Orbs are being seen all over the planet, in fact they are the most common sightings that we have reported to us on a weekly basis! BUT, what are they and why are they here?

In my personal opinion after seeing a few impressive Orb sightings myself, they are potentially some kind of alien probes watching over us all and reviewing our actions here on planet earth.  They are primarily white in colour, like a huge ball of bright pulsing plasma like substance.

Please let us know if YOU have ever seen an Orb before?  Please check out below some of our previous orb articles!

Keep your eyes to the sky!


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