It’s TIME To Call Out To The Aliens Visiting Earth

It’s TIME To Call Out To The Aliens Visiting Earth


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Planet Earth is in trouble and it is time that we call out to our Extra-terrestrial friends in the sky to help free us, but exactly how do we go about doing this?  Simple we just ‘call out to them’ and the will come!

UFO sightings are significantly on the RISE (please click HERE for more on this) and eye witnesses are getting clearer and clearer HD quality captures (please click HERE for a great Orb Capture) on their cameras thanks to nearly everybody on the planet having some kind of smartphone device in their pocket.  So it is no longer a case of ‘ARE we being visited by ET’s?’ it is more like ‘who are these Beings visiting us and what do they want?’

With so many conflicts going on around the world and the Elite trying to divide and conquer over us all by creating this now very clear New World roll out, it is now time that we ask for assistance from the ET’s who appear to be watching our very movements daily.  You may ask “well why don’t they just help us?” and I guess the answer to that is that they can’t just do anything – Beings that can travel the vastness of the Universe/time are going to be ridiculously clever and they will surely realise that any ‘OFFICIAL’ interaction from themselves could quite possibly stir up a whole lot of trouble on planet earth – a place where the masses have not really ever considered too much about what lies beyond in the greater Universe, however this is changing and the people are awaking!


A Light Craft caught on camera above the skies of Iran – One of many clear sightings from around the planet – click HERE for more on this!

With the many clear sightings being caught on camera/video from around the world, one thing is for sure the ET’s are not scared of being seen, in fact they WANT to be seen it appears.  The only way we can ask the ET’s to reach out to us and make official contact is to unite in our masses and call out to them to show themselves and to help free us from these invisible chains our so-called leaders put on to every one of us! I myself have done just this with great success once, shouting up to the sky above me in the Southwest of the UK (through my thoughts) asking for the ET’s to show themselves and they returned the favour by powering up their energy light above me, three times as if to say “we ARE here and we are listening”

Please read my article on this incredible experience I had –

Please check out one of the THOUSANDS of incredible sightings that are being captured around the planet – this time of a clear HUGE Orb above the skies of Australia

So perhaps what it is going to take for the ET’s to show themselves to the planet is by the masses of believers uniting, perhaps even at the same exact time one day, and as one calling on the ET’s to welcome themselves to us all – and to help FREE us!?

Our leaders and the Elite are scared of the Extra-terrestrials as they KNOW that once the human race know of their existence, the control they think they have over us will simply disappear, as how can they control us against a far superior race of Beings that can possibly open us the entire Universe to us all – the stupid false borders of planet earth will no loner appear relevant and this could be what it takes for the human race to find its sense of ‘humanity’ again.

But the Elite know that the TRUTH is coming, even though the are trying their hardest to delay this, by means of drip feeding us disclosure – by means of ‘Alien news’ in the media, or actual Presidents ‘discussing about the Aliens on LIVE TV (usually done in a very ‘teasing manner’) – Please see below some links on the drip feeding of Disclosure:

Stephen Hawking’s drip feeding –

The UN’s Drip feeding video:

NASA’s Drip feeding:

Even the Catholic churches Drip feeding:

So one thing is for sure, the TRUTH is coming, but it is IMPORTANT to remember that the TRUTH is all around us already, watching us all from the skies above – in order to pursue the answers as to WHO our ET Beings are and can they help us, we have to unite in large numbers and politely demand for them to official say ‘Hi’ to the world.

We have all heard of CE-5 which Dr Greer helped set up with great success (please click HERE) it is now time to call out to the Aliens as one and ask for our very own Disclosure and not leave it in the Elites hands who want to manipulate the situation and turn us against these unknown Beings in the sky.

U.I.P SUMMARY – Now is the time to act before the Elite create more havoc and division on planet earth, we must start uniting the masses and reaching out to the skies above us at the same time – this is U.I,P’s personal important project to arrange this over the coming months and partner up with as many believers as possible around the Globe.

Please help support us in discovering the truth and spread the word that it is time to CALL OUT TO OUT ET FRIENDS IN THE SKIES ABOVE US/

It’s time to meet the Beings who ae watching over us.  We will keep you all updated on when we would like you to join us in calling to the skies.

MWV & The U.I.P Team

UFO Spotters by Raphael Terra

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