Kalbar Queensland Australia, UFO Sighting Report (with Photo)


U.I.P Sighting Report

Yet another incredible sighting Report, this time from Australia! What makes this particular sighting even more intriguing is the fact that it comes with an incredible¬†photo….definitely NOT a weather Balloon!

Date of Sighting: 10/3/2015 12:17pm

Location of Sighting: Kalbar Queensland Australia

Brief Description: Weather cam network Australia time lapse photograph. These cameras are setup up over south east queensland as a precaution against fast developing sever storm.
The photo speaks for itself.

Full Description: A picture speaks a thousand words. Government funded time lapse camera network captured an image at 12:17 10/3/15.
The craft is the classic elliptical saucer shape as described in many sighting reports.

Appearance: Metallica eliciting craft

Size: 40 to 50 meters across estimate

Distance: 700 ft altitude by the looks

Day/Night: Daytime

Time: 12:17 pm

Surroundings: Rural area closest airbase is Amberley outside Ipswich

Duration: photograph

Witnesses: weather cam network time lapse image

Explanations: No

Reported Previously: Courier mail newspaper 10/5/15

Views: The same always a believer

Background: Arborist

Display Name on Website: No

Location of Submitter: Brisbane Queensland Australia

Submitter Age: 47

ally oo

Sighting Location

Sighting Location



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