Lurgan, Northern Ireland, SECOND UFO sighting. 1965


U.I.P Sighting Report

Yet ‘another’ fantastic sighting by our Follower from Northern Ireland.

Please have a read through this and let us know if you have ever seen anything similar to this before?

Date of Sighting: 1965

Location of Sighting: Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Brief Description: Two Zig Zagging UFOs

Full Description:

My second UFO experience happened when I was about 15 years old. It was a very cold snowy January night about 1965. I went out to the back of the house to see if there was going to be any more snow. I lived in Lurgan, Northern Ireland at the time. The sky had just cleared and I could see some puffy clouds because of the lights of the town reflecting off the newly fallen snow. Away out to the southern horizon my attention was drawn to two fairly bright star like objects behaving in a very peculiar manner. They were both zig zagging across the sky, in parallel, in a very abrupt manner, but maintaining a straight trajectory. Both objects appeared to be synchronised to each other as they both made the exact same movements at the same time. They were about 4 times the width of the moon from each other (as we see the moon from earth) They were two separate objects as I could see the background stares between them.  From one side of the zig to the zag was about six ‘moons’ , as we see the moon. They were above the clouds but when they went behind them I could still see them and follow them until they came out again. The two objects moved south to north but maintained their bizarre zig zag flight pattern throughout. They almost came directly over my head. They made no sound. They left no trail and they maintained the same magnitude throughout until they went out of view in a cloud bank near the northern horizon.  The sighting lasted for about 30 to 60 seconds. Some weeks later Patrick Moore ( presenting astronomer on the BBC Sky at Night programme) mentioned that someone else had reported seeing the same UFOs while out walking near the Mourne Mountains, which by the way, are almost due south from my home. He said he was at a loss to know what they could have been

Appearance: Looked like two bright stars

Size: About the same magnitude as Jupitor

Distance: Above cloud base…..estimate 2 to 4 miles high

Day/Night: Night

Time: 7pm approx

Surroundings: Built up, near town centre

Duration: about 1+ minute

Witnesses: Self

Explanations: No, because of their bazar movement

Reported Previously: No, run in and told my mother. Later wrote an article for the school mag and described both my UFO experiences

Views: I had suspected that some strange stuff is up there and this was just another one of them

Background: Retired hospital Administrator

Display Name on Website: Yes

Location of Submitter: Near Banbridge Northern Ireland

Submitter Age: 65

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