Lurgan park Northern Ireland, UFO Sighting. 1961

Yet another Intriguing sighting reported to our website, this time from my personal homeland , Northern Ireland!

With all reported sightings, we are compiling together in order to start investigating.  Like we keep saying, unlike MUFON we WILL get back to you to see if we can dig out the truth about what you have seen.

Sighting Report

Date of Sighting: 1961 approx

Location of Sighting: Lurgan park Northern Ireland

Brief Description: Disc shaped object 20 feet above our heads making very loud noise.

Full Description: When I was eleven years old I used to go for a walk around our
local park in Lurgan, Northern Ireland every Sunday morning with my father and brother. One beautiful Sunday morning in May we set out as usual. When we
reached an isolated part at the far side of the park lake, far from
main roads or housing, we heard a strange sound, which was very
difficult to describe, as I had never heard anything like it before.
The nearest I can equate it to, is to describe it as a buzzing,
clattering like sound. The noise which was becoming
louder, appeared to be getting closer, and coming from the sky, but
our view was blocked by some trees. When the noise became very
loud, an object appeared just over the tree tops and slowly flew
almost directly over our heads at no more than about twenty feet. It
looked like a spinning ball or disc, dark grey in colour, and flew at
about walking pace. There were no other visible features on it. It
had no wings, propellers, or blades of any description. There was no
smoke or vapour. Its diameter was no more than half a meter. I was
very scared and ran further along the path to get away. My brother,
who was braver than me, ran towards the bushes which the object
had just passed over, as it went out of sight. I could see him down at
the water’s edge at the end of the row of bushes where he still had a
clear view of it. He was shouting that it had stopped and was
coming down to land on the lake just a short distance from him.
Then he excitedly shouted that it was disappearing in front of his
eyes as it got closer to the water. I could hear the noise it had been
creating, gradually diminish.
When the noise stopped completely, the only sound remaining was
that of the birds singing merely in the trees, as if nothing had
happened. My brother came running back shouting that it had just
gradually become transparent, then totally vanished in front of his
eyes, just before reaching the surface of the lake. He had seen it from a side profile and said it looked like a disc with a hump on top.  My brother later
remarked that he had thought of wading out into the water, a
distance of some twenty feet, in the hope that he could retrieve the
object, and bring it home. We were all amazed at what we had just
witnessed. My father remarked that my face had turned “as white as
a ghost”, and I was visibly shaking. We asked our father what it
was, but he didn’t know. He had served in the Air Force during the
second world war and was familiar with the many various types of
aerial devices, but he had no answer as to what this was. It was
simply baffling. It defied logic! We could only surmise that it must
have been what people now call, an unidentified flying object.
Could it have been some sort of anti-matter or poltergeist activity? Some natural event that science has no explanation for yet? I don’t know. It just give me the feeling that it was nothing from this world and was definitely not a manmade object.

Appearance: Black/dark grey, no bigger than a meter. Solid

Size: 4″  …..   2/3 feet

Distance: Just above some young trees about 20 feet above our heads

Day/Night: Daytime

Time: 11am

Surroundings: park, near lake, no nearby houses

Duration: approx  2 minutes

Witnesses: 3

Explanations: Most definitely not

Reported Previously: No, did not know who to report to. Went home and told my mother and all our friends

Views: Knew little about UFO as I was only about 11 years old

Background: Retired hospital administrator.

Location of Submitter: Near Banbridge, Northern Ireland

Submitter Age: 65


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