Scientist Says “Humans are NOT from Earth”

Scientist Says  “Humans are NOT from Earth” American Ecologist Dr Ellis Silver believes that humans do not originate from Earth. Dr Ellis actually believes, based on ‘true’ evidence, that humans were brought to earth by aliens as recently, as a few thousand years … Read More

U.I.P’s Weekly Review File 16.3.15 (Video)

U.I.P Weekly Review Video I think you will all agree guys that things are getting more and more interesting in the UFO research world! Clear UFO sightings are being seen and reported on a daily basis.  We even have rumours … Read More

Sound of life in space? Mystery noises coming from new SUPER EARTH recorded by scientists!

Sound of life in space? Mystery noises coming from new SUPER EARTH recorded by scientists ASTRONOMERS believe a planet which is up to seven times the size of the Earth that could possibly support alien life does exist after analysing mystery noises emitted “from it” … Read More

Aliens make the headlines at last!!…Well, kind of!

  On Wednesday the 7th January 2015 I very nearly chocked on my coffee when looking at the ‘Sky News channel’ online! The reason for this is due to the fact that something happened which I have been hoping would … Read More