The Destruction Of Our Moon

Over the years we have observed that most heads of powerful countries suffer from several acute mental illnesses. From dropping the atomic bomb, to murdering millions of innocent civilians, these guys should be lobotomised every single day! They even had … Read More

Crashed UFO On The Moon DENIED By NASA?

Crashed UFO On The Moon DENIED By NASA? A recent photo that has come through apparently showing a crashed NASA Apollo 16 Booster rocket, which many believe is a LIE from  the worlds leading space agency and in fact this … Read More

Whistleblower: Huge ET Crafts hiding behind the Moon

Recently a Government whistle-blower stated that officials are baffled as to why numerous Extraterrestrial crafts have docked themselves on the opposite side/dark side of the moon. Dr. Eric Norton, an outside consultant for the NSA and NASA for the past 12 years, … Read More