Incredible HUGE ‘Fiery’ UFO Witnessed Doing Something Beyond Belief!

A huge blazing fireball UFO has been witnessed above New Zealand, doing something simply unbelievable! In the spectacular recent footage, a massive brightly lit blazing object is seen crashing to the ground, leaving an immense amount of smoke trail behind it … Read More

The Elite’s Master Puppet, Neil deGrasse Tyson Claims “Aliens Haven’t Visited Us!”

Clever astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has recently attacked the UFOLOGY world with his bold claims that “there was not a shred of evidence to support claims of alien visitations” enraging many researchers and people around the world that have first hand … Read More

X-37 B – The Secret Mission

On 7th of May 2017, The US landed its experimental X-37B plane in Florida, bringing an end to a two year mission that is a complete secret. This was its fourth mission. The plane, which can fly itself and looks … Read More

The Most Dangerous Military Hack Ever Reveals Evidence Of ET Technology

It was for more than a year, that a hacker from North London named Gary McKinnon managed to hack into NASA computers as well as dozens of computer systems held by the US Army, the US Navy, the US Air … Read More

CIA releases documents on UFOs, Aliens and State funded mind control operations!

The CIA, also known as GTA (Global Terror Agency), has finally revealed the truth behind state-sponsored mind control, UFO sightings and classified operations deep in the Vietnamese jungle. The records, accessible online, cover 13 million hidden CIA records also relating … Read More

“Strange Signals From Space, Probably ET’s” Confirms Leading Astronomers!

Recently a team of top scientists have revealed new research that seems to indicate intelligent aliens beyond planet Earth exist and are trying to communicate with others.  Could this be an important part of the drip feeding of Disclosure that … Read More


Footage of an ‘UFO attack’ in Turkey sent social media users into a mad frenzy on Sunday night, as thousands of local residents captured a cluster of UFOs in the night sky.   Immediately after there was a social media … Read More

Star Wars – Based On a True Story (well kind of!)

Star Wars – Based On a True Story (well kind of!)     Before you turn your nose up to this post, please bear with us for a moment so that we can clearly explain by what we mean ‘a … Read More

The End Of The World Isn’t Coming – It’s a New Beginning!

The End Of The World Isn’t Coming – It’s a New Beginning! Planet Earth ‘appears’ to be in turmoil, with conflict and wars happening all over the world and a divide amongst the nations stemmed by our disloyal Governments who … Read More

The Extraterrestrial Crafts Communicating With ‘US’

The Extraterrestrial Crafts Communicating With ‘US’     Hi, it’s MWV here, U.I.P’s Creator.  About three weeks ago I submitted my very own personal sighting report to U.I.Ps website (please click HERE to read my report) after witnessing a large … Read More